Friday, June 20, 2014

World Premiere scene of Remember The Fist TV Show! (I am write it)

I tell you before about a movies I am write. Now? I am give you a world premiere of scene from a TV show I am write too!

It is called REMEMBER THE FIST, and it is a TV show. Roly is a guy, and he is a martial arts. He go on a adventure of learning, but also of fighting.

If you can want to make a TV show with me, let me know. Or if you are a actor, you can make auditions on a Youtube of a scene I am show you today.

In a scene here, Roly work of his job on a office and see the boss, Haelge.

Remember The Fist TV Show scene:

HAELGE: Roly, I am come on tell you something. It is a new thing you do not know.

ROLY: (He is suprise) Huh? What can it be?

HAELGE: You must take thes paper down to secretary. Go and do it now because you are a job. Go and do it now!!

ROLY: Ok boss Haelge, I will take the paper and bring it. Tell me, boss. Why?

HAELGHE: Sit down, Roly. I havbe a story to tell you.

(Roly sit down on floor, Haelge stand in front)

HAELGE: You are a orphan, Roly. You do not remember, but you parents give you to a church of fighters. Then you parents die.

(Roly cry on floor)

ROLY: How do my parents die?

HAELGEW: In a destruction.

(Roly make a fist and be mad)

ROLY: I never know a parents, but I know the love me. They give me to a church of fighter to make me strong and be fighter, and I learn and grow. I love to fight.

HAELHE: I know, Roly. I know. Now go and take a papers down to secretary. They are expect it.

ROLY: Ok I will do it now.

(Roly stand up and hug Haelge)

ROLY: Thank you Haelge, for tell me my origin story. Now I know a truth.

HAELGE: It is my pleasure, Rolo.

(Roly go to a elevator and push a button. It open, and he get on. He is hold the papers. The elvelator close and go down, and Roly look on the papers)

ROLY: Huh....?

(Roly see a message on the paper. It say: 'To secretarty: Kill Roly'.)

ROLY: What can it mean...?


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Movie Scrip part: Fist Fever movie script

I am tell you I write a movies now, and I can make it good. I gonna show you here to see it that a movie is about. Here now of a world premeire, you can see a first part of a movie script of Fist Fever!

Fist Fever will be a movie about dancings. It is a Jagy story, he wanna dance and her dad dont want him to. It is a sad but good. See here now in a movie script to know:

Fist Fever Scene:

(Jagy walk in. The dad can look on him.)

DAD: Hellp Jagy, what you wanna say? To me?

JAGY: Oh hi Dod, I wanna tell you I gonna be a dancer!

DAD: No! Get out of a house and die lonely!

JAGY: No dad! Please let me dance! I will show any people that a dance can make it all! Okay!

DAD: No! Get on of my face and go to you rooms. Get out of a house now!

JAGY: No Dard! Nooooooo! I will dance and show you how a real man can be! And I will buy a house and kill you becows you never belive in me! I will dance on you grave, old man!

DAD: You shut it of a up! You never can understand why a adults never dance. It is becows we are have a hard time paying a bills and eating a food! (he cryings now) And I can never be a dancer again of my life!

JAGY: Sorry Dan. It is just a way it should be. I will dance forever and never pay a bills except with dancings.

DAD: You are right, sun. I am a stupid adults and I forget what a meaning of dance is. Go now and dance, my song. Forever.

JAGY: Okay Dad I will do it. I will dance and be a king of a streets, and anyone wanna tewll me I can mever dance, I will destroy them with dancings in there heart so they will cry and know that only a dancings can make a world go around.

(end of scene)

If you wanna show me you are a actor, use a Fist Fever scene and make it a scene and show it of Yotube. Let me know it and I will love it and tell any people. And? Maybe if you are a god actor, you can be rich.

I am write movies now

Hell to everyone who can look on my bolg to see it, I am back of back injure and get better, now I am here to tell you on it what am I do? Huh? What can I do on it to change a world even when not doing puches and kicks? It can make me think.

So when I am back injure and laying on a bed with Jonny bring me drinks and play video games to show me, I am think about doing more writings and maybe even write a good movie.

Okay now a big surprise, to show you a movioes I am writig! I tell you a names of any movies I am write, then tell you a type of movies, then I tell you about a movie and what can it be?

Movie #1:
Love On A Fist

Remember a time of love. It is forever, and you will always have a fist to show it.

Movie #2:
Fist Fever

Dance forever in a heat of town. They can never stop it if you dance forever in a heat of town.

Movie #3:
Fist Of A Killer

On a fist of horrors, you will die if you wanna come.

Movie #4:
Love On A Fist 2: Fist Of A Killer

Remember a time of love. It will die now, because it cannot live forever. A killer have a fist to show it, and you gonna die now.

Movie #5:

There is a guy. He have a fist and he can kill you. Watch out, Wolly.

Okay! I am exciting to make a molvie and show any person of a world who can wanna see a good movie!

Soon I am show you a part of scrips that I am write! So you can read of a movie to know it can be good!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ricky Secret Massages

Hello, Jonny Snilge agains, #1 tarnslator Ricky Wangstrom, what you didn't know? Haha think agains! Even if a long time can go, you can still remember! Like me! I remember a thing, so I tell you now.

Ok I can aplogolize to you, all good friends. Ricky send me a secret massages, ask me, Jinny Snilge, give a massage to you from him to you. I gonna give it to you good, but I forget it. I take a massage and put it on tables, and play a good games.

A good news is I play many good games. I play a good new ones too. Also I beat a good hard game, it can be tough but I am a best. But first things fist. I gonna pass a massage to you like I say, because I remember it.

Ricky Secret Massage #1:
October 21, 2012
Dear Jonny, a good friend forever. I sneak off in a night. 3 month ago. I must tell you a mission. I find Hung Bung, finally, and you know it: I gonna destroy him forever. But? I must go along. I know you wanna alwasy come to helps, you are always there for me, my forever friend and #1 tarnslator, but I gotta do it Jonny, I can never put you life of a danger, only my. I promise I gonna do it for a world and be back soon. Tell all of a Fight Hard friend and family that Yeah! Ricky gonna do it! Thanks Jonny, I know I can count you. Forever. - Ricky

Ricky Secret Massage #2:
December 29, 2012
Jonny, I do it! I find a place of Hung Bung hideout. It can smell bad, like a man, but I gonna block all air of my nose and go do it. I promise I gonna finish a job. A good thing I can remember is you are my best friend and have my backs, and I know you are think of me and miss me. I miss you too. - Ricky

Ricky Secret Massage #3:
December 29, 2012
Jonny, where I am? I get lost. - Ricky

Ricky Secret Massage #4:
December 29, 2012
Ok wait, I seem him there...Yes, it can be him. Hung Bung. I never believe my eye before, finally I find a leader of Cock Posse, killer of my brother. My brother...I cry. No! I am a MAN. Never gonna cry agains like I say it. I gonna take all of a tears and drown Hung Bung forever in it. Jonny remember it to tell all peoples. Thank! - Rucky

Ricky Secret Massage #5:
December 31, 2012
Good news! Hung a dead. It was a hard, battle, but? I win it with puches. Just like I tell any person, good buddy! A fist can destroy any creator, and now I can proof of it. Fight Hard style, Windrammer style, it can be #1 forever! - Ricky

Ricky Secret Massage #6:
January 5, 2013
Bad news: I am a jail now. A cops tell me I never can kill, even with puches to destroy it. But? They do know about what Hung Bung and Cock Posse do? They do know about my brother die? Jonny, I know you are a anger because of it too, but you must help it now. Tell a good lawer to come and helps. - Ricky

Ricky Secret Massage #7:
January 6, 2013
Bad news again, Jonny. It turn it out that a person I kill is never Hung Bung. He is a homeless. I am cry forever now. Even a homelass can deserve a life. Can deserve a love. Can deserve a home. I am faily, Jonny. I am sorry... - Ricky

Ricky Secret Massage #8:
January 10, 2013
Good new! The homeless is not die, he is sleep! He say it he never even feel a thing because he can be drunk. It must can mean my puches knock him hard, Jonny, into a next week. So? I can leave a jail now and come home. Ok Jonny, tell all good friend and Fight Hard family that I gonna visit a family of Canada then be home soon: Saturday Ferbuary 9, 2013. - Ricky

Ok, there you have its. I find a wing and I am of sorry to say it late to you. But a person say better late than never early, and a bird can eat a worm. And a worm can crawl a hand today but die to tell you it is sorry. So now you can understand why I forget it.

Ok Ricky walk in a door now (it can make me remember to tell you secret massages).

Monday, July 23, 2012

Impotant. Please Read.

I, Ricky, tell you on a Titter about Indiegogo campaign freeze because the can tell me I am Korea so it can be a bad. How it can be a bad? I live a America Dream forever and you cannot stop of me. Even if you can try, I will block it with punches and kicks, and destroy any enemy in mu way with punches and kicks.

They tell me of a government will not love Ricky or Fight Hard Yeah! but I say it can be wrong. ANY person of a planet can learn on it and learn of how to fight, when to fight, whee to fight, and how to fight. Even if you can be of a government you can fight hard, but yeah only if you not gonna kill any good. If you are a bad? Yeah ok I understand of it, you never wanna be a good friend of Ricky. But? You can never stop Ricky or any Fight Hard Family.

So many peoples can ask me now, say 'Hey, Ricky, what you gonna do now huh? Where you gonna go or be, or say or be or where you gonna go of it?' And I tell them, say 'Ok I gonna go anywhere I can be. I will stay of America, and live on America, because I am live of America and America Dream. If a Indiegogo can not want to let Ricky get a funds for book and shirts? Ok fine, I go do it without you.'

Ok so now, Ricky gonna go and think on it. Who can know? Maybe a world is too full of a bad, maybe every person of a planet can be gonna try to kill Ricky. But? Ricky never tell of them about ALL Fight Hard Yeah! technbiques, so I have a advantaged. I will win it.

Thank you to rudeboy.twistedvisio and suranyi for good support and all peoples who try to support before the freeze it. I will remember you and protect you. What can happen now? I do not know for sure, I can think on it and decide of it.

Be careful on it. I gonna tell you that, all of a good. There can be a peoples who wanna hurt us, wanna do a bad thing. Make you fist ready, but also make you heart ready. Find a good person, and stay with them. If it can be 7 enemy or 27 enemy, even if the can try to stomp you body underground, you are LIVE. Remember it, and stick together.

I will talk on you soon.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Indiegogo Windrammer Book and T-Shit Campaign Go!

It can be good, it can be a day of launch a Indiegogo Windrammer Fight Hard Yeah!

Look on it here:

You can order official Fight Hard Yeah! book, and? Official Fight Hard Yeah! Live Like A Windrammer t-shitrs!

Everyone know it, I am write a good book for any people to inspirate, learn about fight, hard yeah, and learn more on me and even Jonny gonna tell you about a sex in A Jonny Guide Of Sex in official Fight Hard Yeah! book!

So many people can ask me 'Hey Rucky, what you gonna do on a shirt? Huh? You gonna do make a shirt? Huh? Hey? Gonna do a good fucks on girls and make a shirt about a windrammer style live like a windrammer?' And it can make me think on it, like 'Hmmm it can be good...' So now a best shirt of any world, Fight Hard Yeah! logo of a front, and full live like a wandrammer quote of a back! Now any girls can know you give good fucks on them, and even a guys too.

Thank you to all of a people who help me do a Indiegogo and a paypals and anything. Edward, Kate, Jonny of course, Uncle, and all friend of Canada I meet, and escepcially all Fight Hard Yeah! family of Twitter and bolg. Any peoples who help by read it, tell of it, make a video, make a song, a cartoon strip. I, Ricky, wanna say to YOU: Think you so much for you love. I love you too and will defend you from you enemys. I will destroy them with kicks of puches, windrammer techical, and a hate fist. Never worry on it.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Tim and Katy Together Forever

I hear on a news about a Tom and Katy gonna break up. I do not know them, but I can be sad for it. Why? Because it can make me, Ricky, think on so many sad times of a life.

Make me think about a time when my mother tell me 'Hey Ricky, I gonna divorce you father now.' And I cry my eyes off because it can make me sad and I say 'Huh? But why?' And my mother say 'Because he is dead. A funreal can be tomorrow.' And then I cry my eyes off agains and cry more on it. It can feel like I take my eyes off and throw them in a river, so wet. So cold. So sad on it.

Then I, Ricky, can think about a time of girl, she can be so beatiful, I look on her and get a good smile on my face, get a good hard dicks on my pants, she have a face like a angel and a body of a angel. She can makle me wanna be with her forever and never be alonely. She can make me think of a song and I will dance forever. But then I wake up and my mother yelling 'Hey Ricky! Get up on out of you bed, it can be a funreal today!' And yeah I remember a day before my father can be dead and my mother divorce him. I cry eyes out forever, it can feel like my heart fall on a floor and I step on it of a accident, squishing a heart bones out and never put it back.

I also think on a day when Jonny tell me about a girl he love. Late on a night, in a midnight times, Jonny come to my room say 'Hey Ricky, I can be a love.' I look on Jonny and say 'Woooooww!' I am so happy on him, and give a good high five. Then he say 'Ok I gonna give a good fucks now on her, be right back.' so he go to his room to give fucks on her, pobrably a best fucks of her life, and I hear a sound 'Ooooo Jonny! Oooooooo yeah Jonny! It can be good!' And it can make me wanna go take a good peek on it, so I sneak to Jonny room and open a door, and look and see? Jonny giving a good fucks on a girl, but? On TWO girl. Yeah he give a good dicks on one and then a other, and they say 'Oooooo yeeaaahh Jonny!' I say to me 'Yeah! and give myself a good high five for Jonny, then I close a door and go back on my room. But? Then I think on how sad I am to not be on a girl of my owe. To not give a good fucks to a girl now too for me. And it make me cry forever and feel like a world fall apart on me and a heart crush destroy, but yeah I still listen on a girls say 'Oooooo yeah Jonny do it on me harder!' and I like it too. But yeah still sad.

Tom and Karty also make me think on a good friend I have one time, name Tom. He have a good hand, long hair, strong of feeling and can be a good friend. Alway he talk to me about America, how I am do, how everything can be, and it make me feel welcome of America. Like a home. We share a good time and a good laugh, and he cheer me up and help me. Then one day I come home, see Tom and he show me a gun of my face, say 'Ok give it to me, all you money, you bitch! I gonna take you money and run!' And I say 'Huh?' And Tom say 'Yeah you are right, it is me! You stupid! I do a drugs and love a bad life! I will never be you friend, and maybe I go do a drugs and come back and kill you if you say!' Then I shit a pants, because I am afraid. But? Then good old Jonny come from behind, hit Toms on his heads with a frying pam, and we kick a shits on him forever. Yeah, then a police come and more can happen, but now can not be a time for it, I tell you another time. But yeah after, I sit in a jail, and cry my eyes forever, think of how sad it can be that my good friend Tom leave me.

Katy, are you can be sad now too? You can gonna go be sad because Tom leave you? Is it a drugs? Or maybe you, Tom, you can be sad if Katy leave you and you never gon na give a good fucks on her again? Never gonna kiss a beautigul face again or kiss her lip? Never touch a ass and say 'Yeah!' or see her of breast again? Yeah. Yeah, it can be sad. You right.

But it can be good for one day to see a ex-boyfriend, Katy, or a ex-girlfriend, Tom, and say 'Hey you know what? A sex can be good now, because you are a shit of bed.' or say 'Hey guess what, I can be pregnant on another man!' or maybe even say 'Hey now you gonna never date another, because I take you soul away hahaha!' or something like 'Hey I love you but it can be me, not you, so go.' or something like that. It can make you feel better sometime!

Then after he or she run away on it and cry forever, you can be a winner. So it can be not so bad.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A good trip on Canada!

This week Ricky gonna take a trip of Canada to see a good Uncle! I can be excited and look forward to seeing any places. Good old Jonny gonna come along too and we can plan a big plans!

I hope any peoples in a Fight Hard Family enjoy a good week, I can be back soon before you know about it!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

New website friend for spread Inspirate massage

A good friend of Twitter, Jen on @workworkparty show a new website that can be good for spread a word on Inspirate and more!

It can have a good art pictures with what I, Ricky, tell you. So maybe even for any people who can never read, now you can look on a picture for it and undersand.

I always can appreciatate any peoples who can ever wanna help spread a good massage or help Ricky teach a world on it. We can do it! Yeah!

Thank you Jon, you are a beautiful. Person and I will remember you. My friend.

A you vs. another you. How you can win it and not defeat?

A god friend on Twitter, Max @myhouseistwiter can ask me on another day, say 'Sometimes it seems like my only enemy is myself. But how can I Fight Hard against myself? Thank you for Fight Hard Ricky!'

Ok it can be a good question and it make me think on it. I am worry on my friend, because he can be a enemy of him, and a worst kind of a enemy can be YOU. Because it can a problem on it. If you can defeat you, you will still be defeat, because you defeat you. See? It can be important to undertand.

A main problem can be 'How can it be ME??!!' Yeah because you wanna know how it can be you attacking on youself. It can be some different ways sometime.

First way of it can be, is it can be a evil twin from before. Yeah, you mothe and father never can tell you, but you have a twin! And he or she can be a evil. You parent hide them away in a dusty room, or a basement rooms, or in a sea or send him away in a sea or insane asylum. So you can never know it, but one day? Yeah, you have a kock on you door and who can it be? It can be you twin. First you say 'W...Wait...It can be me!' Then you twin say 'Hehe, no it can not, it can be ME! YOU!' and it can confuse you, but before you can think on it, a evil twin can be punching you faces hard with fists, smashing you tooth out and throw it away, and aim for balls too. So it can be bad.

Another way of it can be is it can be you from a future. In a future times, you can be a evil, or maybe you can be a evil now and you future can be a good. Either wa, you future you come back on time to destroy you, say 'Hey I can desatroy you now because you never give a girl a good fucks' Or maybe 'Hey now you can be destroy because I am a better than you!' It can be a big problem because you future you is from a future, so he can ALREADY KNOW WHAT PUNCHES YOU WILL DO NEXT. See? He can know every move you will do, and so he will know what move to do insdead of it, especially if he can read what Ricky can teach. And in a future, ALL of a best fighters will read what Ricky can teach. So yeah, he can destroy you.

Hmm another way can be a thing call cloner. A cloner can be a medical experience that can take you body chemical and make it agains, call a cloner. So it can be two of you in a room at a same time, or maybe more of two. If it can only be one cloner, ok, it can be alright, I will teach you how to defeat him. But if it can be a thousand cloner? I shit a pants and run away forever. I want nothing to do on it. Sorry.

Ok wait maybe I can help you, I can be sorry. I never must run on a friend, even if it can be a thousand cloner. We will think of a thing and defeat them. Maybe a good way can be to make MORE cloners, and have a good cloners against bad cloners war. I will teach any good cloners how to do a good punches and fists, and we can win it. Hmm but how can I know it can be a good cloner or a bad cloner? It can be hard to tell because they can all look the same. Maybe we can make a secret questions for ask, and if it can be a wrong answer, we will know it is a bad.

A sneak way of it can be you is it can a enemy look like you. He can have a sneaky beard or glasses or anything that can look like you, and pertend he can be you. He give a good fucks on you girlfriend or boyfriend, go to a parties with all you friends, go on you job. Ok maybe if he go on you job, it can be good, let him be it. But yeah if can do a fucks on you girlfirned or bofriend or go to a parites with you friends, stop him. You will be missing out on you whole life, and one day you can cry on it and depress.

Something maybe you never think on before of a way it can be you, is it can be a mirror. If a other you can follow you every move, make a same face or move a hand at a same time, take a good look on it, maybe it can be a mirror. Even if it can be a mirror, punch on it anyway and smash it forever, because you can never know it be a enemy hiding behind or look like you, like I tell you before on Twitter for Inspirate.

One more way of it can be, is you can be a crazy. Maybe you go crazy, start punching and kickings you own face, think 'Hey it can be another me attack!' but no, it is only YOU, and you own fists and punchkicks attackings. A crazy can attack in so many ways, so yeah it can be tough. You never know it can be in a shower attack try and drown you of water, attack when you give a good fucks on a girl and maybe chop on dicks with a knife or karate chops, attack you on a bus and make a bus run on a roof, who can know it? Anything.

So you can see it, it can be any way it can happen. A main thing to remember is I am here with you, and believe on you. Everywhere you go, I am in you, so you can never really be along. Ok? So do not be afraid.

A best way to defeat a you, is to maybe run away, or to become a good friend. Yeah if you can be a good friend of you, then you will have two you for do a thing to do like kill a enemy, give a good fucks on girls, play ping pongs, attack a enemy on his marriage, and anything you can want! Ok so yeah that can be a best thing, is become a good friend of you. Then you can never lose it agains!

Ok and then when you have a good trust of a other you, sneak on him in a nighttime when he sleep and dream, and destroy him while he sleep with punches and kicks, puching his faces with fists and kicks again and agains, never stopping until he can be destroyed. Then? You are a winner finally. You did it, and I can be proud on you.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sport Reporter Forever: Who can win a Hockeys?

A first time Sport Reporter Forever! It can be a new time where Ricky or Jonny gonna tell you on it sports, who can win it, who is a best teams, maybe who can win it and never lose even!

Tonight can be a good excitement, because it can be LA Kings and New Jerser Devils for Stanley Cup NHL! A big question so many people can ask on it can be 'Hey Ricky, who can win it??' Ok! Good question! We can look on it now.

Any people can know I do love a LA Califorinia. It can be good for a sunshine tanning, work out you muscle for crushing tactics, long hair, glasses, sunglasses and I do love it, a truck, sports (it can be hockeys, basketbal, football, baseball  and maybe more) running, work out you muscles for destroying any opposent in you way, and more. So yeah, LA can be a good and maybe it can win it??

Hmm but yeah New Jeresey, ok I didn't think about that, yeah maybe New |Jersey can win it? They love fight like Ricky, they have a hot dogs, ocean competition, gamble, crimers, sports (it can be hockeys, basketbals, football, baseball and maybe more too), say 'Fucks!' to many people, so yueah maybe it can be good and New Jersey can win it.

In a end of time space, only one teams can win it. Another teams can only lose it, so yeah only one teams can win it. It can be maybe LA Kings or New Jersey Devils. Maybe if it was a Philadelphis Fliers I can say yeah they will win it, because they do best in a fight usually, but Philadelphia can never win now because they play New Jersey before and New Jersey destroy they faces in a sun of excitement, you know it? So yeah it can only be LA or New Jerse. And maybe I can say a Phoenix Cototes can win it because of a cotote attack and they come from a hot, but LA cruch them in the way, smashing the faces against the ice. So yeah only LA or New Jersey can win it.

Hmm ok so maybe it can be a tie? Yeah I never thought on it before, but maybe both team can never score a goals, or maybe both team can score 50 goals, and they play in a game call overtimes where if you take a first shot, you win it. But? Both team can be so tired that they fall asleep on a ice. A referee can say 'Hey cmon do it!' but they cannot do it because they sleep. And so? It can be a tie.

Official decisions on it who can win a Hockeys? A tie. Both team can share a Stanley Cup and have a good party, and live forever, and they will be good friends again. Then? Any first person who can sneak it will take a Stanley Cups and cruch they opposents with skates in faces and punches fisting the faces, destroying them forever. So they will win it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I tell you wolf.

Ok a good Jonny Snilge here, #1 tarnslator of Ricky Wangstrom, what you didn't know? Ok know it now or begin agains noob.

Sometime someone of a name on Twitters ask Ricky a question of wolf, say:

How about the power of the wolf?

Ok and Ricky say it:

'Oh a power of a wolf ok. Yeah it can be a power and can shine on it in a moon. But? It can only have a pawclaw. Never a fist.'

 Ricky can be best for telling you on fight and punchkicks and more of fight, but maybe I can believe it that he do know a wolf or power wolf. It can be a #1 seller and be good, so Jonny gonna disagree on Ricky and tell it on you now.

A wolf can be good. It have a good sharptooth, can destroy a enemy into pices and rip and kill like a bug. It teeth can rip a bone in half and saw it up nice to eat it later or have a baby wolf eat it later like a bug.

On a wolf face can be eyes, lookin on you like to kill you or eat you or have a baby wolf eat you. It can look on a moon and know anywhere it can be, say to a other wolfs 'Go to it now and be!' and then can make a run fast through a night and make a sound like Sheeem! when it go fast through a night sky. You can never see it go becows it can be too fast like a strong wind. Yeah Ricky gonna tell you be like a strong wind and ride it, but never can you gonna be like a wolf.

Ricky can be right about pawclaws. A wolfs can never have a fist so he can never do any punches on you, so you can be safe from it if a wolf can only wanna do punches. But a pawclaw can be hurt too, hurting on you body and in you eyes, scratch you brain out from you brain and lick it. So yeah pawclaws can be pretty tough. When you see a wolf go for pawclaws, you know it can be hell soon.

Also a wolf look in a sky to see it, see a moon and yell it out: 'Harooooooooooo!!!' and then yell it out agains 'Harooooooooooooooo!!!!' longer this time. He call his friend wolfs to come eat you. What you think a wolfs can never have on a friend? Well, you can be wrongs.

Now a wolf can fly. He use a power of moon to soar in a sky like a bird, but he is a wolf bird kinda. He fly arouind you, lookin on you to eat, maybe to play a game with you face and eat it. And all he wolfs friends come now, and they gonna fly too now. So you have all wolfs from a forest flyin on you now, lookin on you to eat.

Then wolf will do tongue attacks on you. Only attacks you can do on it now? Shit a pants attacks, because you shit a pants now when wolf tongues fly at you and lick you face, eat you, lick you everywheres on you body. Stick in you mouth even, make you puke it ups.

Then you will die, and a wolfs and all wolfs friend eat you alive.

So yeah a wolfs can be good and a power wolf is best. Power on a wolf can never be stopped. Ok maybe by punches but yeah is different. I just wanna make it sure you know it and for Ricky to remember on it.

Only a best protection? Look like a wolf. Grow you hairs long on you faces and head, maybe even dicks if you wanna go be naked ever. Then a wolf can look on you like 'Huh?' and then look more for say 'Oh it can be a wolf friend, good.' But remember if you hear it a wolf say 'Haroooooooo!' at you if it can think you a wolf, it want you to come eat a humans with it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A fight Boba Feets vs. A Predators

A good friend Matt Vatt Lanten @Vanny781 ask me a good question on Twitter: 'Nerd question; Boba Fett vs Predator, who wins?'

Ok now I, Ricky, can tell you who can win it. It can be a good question to know it cause who can know it if maybe it can happen on a Earth? Maybe it can be to save a world or destroy it. Yeah I gonna kick a shits on both if any can wanna destroy it, but who can win it beteewn them?

Ok first you say 'Hey who can it be?' because you wanna know who each peoples can be. I will tell you.

A Boba Fetts can be on a Star Wars movie, and maybe he can win it because I do love Star Wars movie! But yeah it can never be enough, so take a look on him. He can destroy, he can wear a good armors, have a good voice to say 'Hey yeah, give it to me I gonna take him to Jabba Hut' or maybe to scream on a ears of opposents. 

A Predators can be of sex, like to attack a girl or maybe even attack a man sometime, but usually attack a girls. Sometime it can be one Predators or maybe it can be more? WHo can know it. They can be sneaky but can be scarred away by cops or punches, I tell you it in a minute. They have a good sex attack though.

ADVANAGE: Even, because Star Wars can be good and sex can be a good.

Ok next you say it 'Hey who can have a good armors or portection, or a hard face for defend punches?'

Yeah ok I tell you b efore Boba Fetts have a armors, and a Predators never can have it I think. But maybe a Predators can take a armor by trick? Remember a good thing Ricky will tell you in a book soon  in a part to tell you how to fight hard:

Hide you dicks in armor forever and never take it off. Wanna have sex on a girl? Well ok take it off but be carful, it can be a enemy trick to take you armors.

See? Ehehe yeah you see it now huh? See how a Predators gonna take a Boba Ferts armor? It can be a trick. Maybe Boba Fetts wanna have sex on a girl sometime so he take it off. Then? A Predatorsd come and take it. Maybe even do a sex attack then too who can know it.

ADVANAGE: Even, because maybe a Predators can take Boba Fatt armors.

Ok another thing you gonna say next is 'Hey what can be a good attacks for each?'

Well, we all do know it that Boba Fetts can kick and punch, and even do a flying kicks and punches and can have a good bite attack. Maybe he can even have a good laser if he want, but yeah mainly kicks and punches are best. But? A Pedators can have it too, kicks and punches, porbally a good bite attack too, and like I say it a good sex attack.

ADVANAGE: A Predators, because sex attack is stornger than laser attack.

Next we gonna look and say 'Who will be a enemy for each and maybe attack?'

Yeah this can be a good question on it, and important to know it. Who have a stronger enemy that maybe will attack it? Boba Fetts can never like Han Soli, so he can be a best enemy for Bobas. Also Luke Skywalkers but he mainly will go on a mission to find a girl so he probally will never come. Who can be a Predators enemy? I will tell you it: Every girl. See? Any girl can come to attack and say 'Hey fucks!' on him and try to destroy him with punches. If they listen to Ricky they aim for dicks first, and if a Predators never took Boba Fetts armos? Well he will lose his dicks forever. Even if he remember to trick and take a armors, another good enemy of a Predators Chris Hansens will come to say 'Hey what you wanna do? Huh? What you can do here? Huh? Wanna have sex on a girl huh? Ok.' And then that can make a Predators shit a pants and run away forever, but then you know it, a cops will come say 'Hey yeah get on it a ground!' and a Predators can be arrester.

ADVANAGE: Boba Fetts, because of girl enemy of a Predators and also /Chris Hansen come say 'Hey what you wanna do? Huh? What you gonna do on a girl do a good fucks? Huh??' and make him shit a pants and get arrester by cops.

Ok so we have a tie for who can win it. It can be 2 for Even and 1 for a Predators and 1 for a Boba Fetts. So we gotta take a good look on it to see, who can win it? If a Predators can do a sneak sex attack when Bobas wanna have a good sex, maybe he can win it by surpriser. But if Bobas keep his armor on maybe he will win it? Ok but maybe a Predators can be so good with practice a sex attack that now he can do it through any armors. Hmm yeah I never can think about that before but it can be true. But Bobas have a good name like a Rocky Balobas, so he porbally can have best punches in it.

Ok decision: It can be a tie. Boba Fetts and a Predators maybe they will destroy each other forever, or maybe no one can hurt each other so they get tired and then say 'Hey cmon man, lets be a good friends' or something like it. And you know what? That can be good. It can never be good like a good punches or destroying a enemy with flying punches to faces, but sometime it can be good to make it a friends.

Also? If you can be friends then if you friend can ever do a bad or become a bad, then you are his friend so it can be a good sneak attacks on him to destroy him, and you will finally win it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

3 Big News Coming On Us Soon!

It can be a good exciting time for any peoples in Fight Hard family! Very soon we have 3 big news coming, and yeah of course I gonna tell you one news can be of shirt. I, Ricky, wanna say thank you to all people who can be patient for it and give a good support. 

No one on any Earth have lay a eyes on it yet but it can be a best shirt for any peoples who wanna wear it. Only place for it will be official Fight Hard Yeah! store launch soon, so remmber to keep you eyes pooled here or on official @FightHardYeah Titter for big news!

Also remember 2 more big news. Yeah!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Inspirate update!

For any peoples who can never see a Twitter @FightHardYeah or if you can miss it, maybe you never know about special Inspiorate messages. It can be a good messages I tell you about how to live and be, and of about how to fight and live or be.

So if you can ever miss any, I show you before a first 15 Inspirates here:

Now? Here can be a next 15!

Inspirate#16: You are never along! I am inside of you always. Whever you go, you will feel me in you. Forever.

Inspirate#17: If you a girl, yes you can fight too! Some girls can be good for fight, but mainly, for saying a mean thing.

Inspirate#18: If you want to love a man or a woman, you can do it! But you must kill for them too.

Inspirate#19: Special for man sex: If you dicks can never work, use a secret finger and she will never know it. If balls?? Use a basebal.

Inspirate#20: Special for womes sex: If you can never love you boyfriend dicks, look at it. It can maybe a finger or basebal.

Inspirate#21: Special for Hockeys! If yo can never score it, aim for dicks. Then? Crunch you opposents on a ground when you skate on them.

Inspirate#22: Special for beardfacers. Make any beards you can have, and use it to hide. Then? Sneak on a enemy and destroy him with puches.

Inspirate#23: You can have a big dicks or a small, it is up to you. But use it best to give it hard and a good fucks like a windrammer ok.

Inspirate#24: Remember you have 2 fists for punches. If you can have 3 ok. 3 or 5 can be best but yeah not 4 because it can be too many.

Inspirate#25: If you have eyes in you faces, you have a weapons. Look at you enemy and make him cry forever. Then? Crush him with muscles.

Ipsnirate#26: If a girl will date you enemy, smash his dicks forever. Now if she can want to fucks again, it must be you. See?

Inspirate#27: If you fight a fat, never punch on stomachs. Go for dicks first.

Inspirate#28: If you fight a skinny, yeah it can be good to cruch his bones forever, but go for dicks first.

Inspirate#29: Special for man defender: A girls can destroy you mind with just a words. Be careful on it even if she never aim you dicks.

Inspirate#30: Roats you enemy twice like a seaweed and kill you enemy dreams forever. Eat hin like a seaweeds too. 

New official Twitters name

Official Twitters name is now @FightHardYeah so remember it for a good time and say hell to me! Also? More big news can come soon!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Song video for Inspirate and Windrammer!

I, Ricky, wanna say a good thank to agains @SPATCHYHD on Titter for doing a good song video of Ricky Inspirate and for live like a windrammer. It can be good!

You can see it here:

Thanks Spetchy! We are friends and I will never forget you. I will watch you dream forever. :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Massage to home

It can be a time for a special words to home. Even to be here in USA, I still can miss my home, miss some peoples and miss it. Yeah I can even miss a sad time, because it can alway be my home. I still watch a paper and news some time, and read about it, see what can happen from my home, and more.

I now must make a special massage to my home. You all know it, I am Korea to begin it, coming form a place call Hamhung. Is North Korea, one of a big city in it. I can love it still, even if so many a bad and sad can happen. It can be special to say it though, so please be with me as I say it.

I wanna tell home about what I can say to it. Wanna tell home what it can be, and what I see to happen.

Yeah maybe can be a mad about some thing, like some thing from US or a world or some peoples who gonna say or do some thing, but many peoples can not be that. Many can be good ok? Any people on all places can be mad about some thing, it can not mean it that every people can be bad. Some, yeah, some is a biggest bitch of bully or killers, but some can be saying a nice thing to you.

I wanna tell home. Please do not shoot a missiles or any weapon or make a fight.

Not at a USA, not at a South Korea, not at any peoples.  Yeah ok, Ricky can gonna tell all about fight and fight hard, but is different. Fight hard to live and be free, make it in a life. Not to kill good peoples or a family.

Why? Yeah I can tell you it. Because I am here. Yeah, I, Ricky, am in a USA and can be here and be happy. Yeah I can never forget home, will visit peoples and gonna helps you too, but I come to USA for dreaming about it. See? Yeah, any can dream, but many can never believe it or see it or get on it. Is why I wanna help any peoples for fight hard. Fight hard can be crushing opposents, yeah, but can it be other too, like just go to a dream and be it. Fight forever and never give it up, it can never matter wherever you must go.

Only because I come to USA it can never mean I forget home or never can love it still. ALWASY I gonna be Korea. And now? Yeah I have a good shot for show so many about it. I have a good friends now here too, even find Jonny here too and we hug it, and now all can be a family even if I can be Korea and other can be a USA or Russia or Engald or any. Even I have a family people in Canada too! What, can gonna destroy all peoples for some bad? No. Can never do it. A world is big. Bigger of Korea, bigger of USA, bigger any can be it.

Wanna remember it? Ok I can tell you. Is call a faminer. Remember it? Is of many years ago in 1990s. Remember all of people can never eat, only 2 every day? Remember so many can die, all of a family, even Ricky friend or family and other, all dying. So many peoples all around Ricky dying and never living. Yeah. I can remember it. Sometime can never even sleep about it. Is a big hell to live, but I, Ricky, learn about fight hard and can show it now, show a people and maybe even a world how to do it, how to live and be, how to survivor. Also can remember? I, Ricky, remember it, a USA people and more too come to help and give food. Who you know even give a most food to us? Yeah, China and South Korea neghbor. I can be young then, but still remember it and can never forget it. If I forget it, I can die or become a bad because then I can forget a friend. Yeah, is right, Ricky make a good friend that day. Never have to be angry anymores. Only live together. Still can always love home, but make a new friend that day and make a change, and can NEVER forget it.

So why you can forget it?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Telling agains windrammer

Hello agains, Jonny Snilge here, what you didn't know #1 tarnslator for Ricky Wagstrom?? Begin on a bench to say it noob! Haha!

Ok, but Ricky still get a question for windrammer, so Jonny now gonna tell you, direct in you mouth, because sometime Rocky cannot tell it good even if Jonny tarnslate ok? So before Ricky tell you in a Question Answer, but now Snilge gonna tell you better.

Ok, now...See a beturner over there. Got it. Got a beturner. Yes. Yeeess. Lick it up, turn a be down. Crawl of face you bug. Fuck it forever.

Leaf on a ground now. Walk on a mother back crack. Crackerjack? Ok, but be sure. Sometime it can be alone. Alooooone. Leave me be alones! Ok I love you. Hang up a friend.

Towel beach surprise. Face of time gonna be free to it.Wash off you eyes, wash off you nestrils. Smell a hell in a air. Sniff sniif huh??? Can be a dark bird you kill.

Sheeeem! Sheeeeeeeem! Sheem! Ok yeah can work. Sheem! Walkrope buildings haha! Fall you over it from a blaster. Burger eater forever.

Jump to save. Yeah laster, save a face on a bread. Strong of fucks. Ram it ok? Bug still on a face, bejam it in. Sheem! Fuckings both now. Slime you beard of face, you beard fall off in a big bug surprise. Haha look funny! Never a beard agains.

Ok if you a question feel frew, but now you know it a windrammer for sure. Happy to help it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How To Believe It!!!

Anytime Ricky go to it, go around walk to see, walk on a store or places, people alway gonna come to |Ricky say 'Hey, Rucky, I never gonna be it. I never gonna do one things with my lifes, never gonna shower in a heavens or be good fight or free forever. I only shit a streets, everyone look to say a bitch, ex wifes take kids say stink it.'

Now, Ricky gonna tell you all how to believe it!!! How to know forever you gonna make it, you gonna fight hard yeah!, you gonna be best dad or mothra of all time. Yes even mothers can do it too!!

First you take a mirror in you face. Go. Get it now and take it you face. Look. Look in it. In a mirror. You see? You seeing it now? Eeeeheheheh yes. Now you see it. :)

Ok, now say to you in mirrors 'Hey I never gonna shit a streets or fall again! Gonna neve take drugs and drinks, well maybe drinks sometime for cry, but never do a drugs or kill. ONLY gonna kill if a enemy shit my kids or kill my family. THEN, kill. Ok but never drugs or kill except a enemy. Probally not drinks either, because then gonna kill a wrong person.

Next step of forever: Begin it! Yeah now you can begin it, look at a sky and see dragon flying free forever, see a bird fly free or be get eat by a dragon. Ehehe see?? You gonna fly free it or get eat it.

Aftert, now you can go to a mall or a shopping mall, maybe buy clothes or hangbang game porbally, or maybe a toys for kids, or maybe even a weapons for protet kids and you, or kill a enemy. Maybe buy all of it to be sure, then you can be sure.

Then when you have a night sleeps, take a yawn of tomororw and remember it. Close you big eyes and imagined a frosty sky, no balls in a sky or face, no sun of destroy except for enemy. Then, dream. Dream! Drewm of you life you want it, how you can see it and be it, dream of you face in a sky for people to bow, dream of you make a company millions of money, dream of you crushing you opposents in you fist, then all of people will look to see you be a king, maybe even a god leader of people!

Now you gonna wake up from a dream. If you wake up in a middle of night still, do not move. If you move it to fast, all ghosts and demons can kill you. So be slow. See how Ricky do it? Sloooww...Go slow it. Look (Ricky whipsering to you now), look see it? You see a goats or demon?? Ok, quiet now...creep...creep along a edge. Creep to it. Then, kill. Now go back to selep and dream more!

Then can finally wake up in a day. Maybe still can be a demons, but ghost will be sleep now too. If a demon is near? Run. Run away forever. Then when you stop, look around. If demon can be gone, you can go back home. If a demon live there now, you can find a new homes, do not worry. Better to live away and fight a day, like a saying say.

Ok. Now you awake up in a new world, new world where you dreams will be real!!! Yes, you do fight good because Ricky tell you how! Yes, you crush yous opposents like a dog and a bone, spitting on a shoe shine and say 'Hey, fucks it! You think you gonna do it?? Cmon then and do it!!!'

So now you dream it, you awake, you believe it, you begin it!!!! Yeah ok, so peoples gonna tell you 'Hey fucks you face' or anything, but what you gonna do?? You gonna cry you faces off on a river?? You gonna crawl a shits again?? Huh??? You gonna eat a shits maybe?? Hey? You gonna eat a shits forever???? NO. Never again you gonna eat a shits, or crawl it agains, or cry a ocean of tars.

Now, you believe it. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Story OPf Dog

Furpaws and fuzz of face. Tail like a whisper. Licking tonge and eyes of beginner. Shit a streets and not picking it up. Is my old friend, Dragonfoot. In firey tornado, he running to Ricky, away from a bad, away from sad. New friend! New home now, gonna be forever. Lick my face now Dragonfoot, and feel you friend happy. Make me happy forveer Dragonfoot, and never go away!

Now seeing destructions, human dying in dreamwave, balls of hell on faces. Ricky falling down, down among peoples I never see before, cant get up, cant run away, cant get up ever again...Then moving fasty on ground, huh?? Pulled!!!! Look around, see Dragonfoot, his dogface look mine like 'Yeah!' and bite my shirt in mouthteeth and pull me away from wrecking crew believer.

Finally safe, I tell Dragonfoot thank you, will forever love him, and we never alone again.

Suddenly Dragonfoot die. I say 'NOOOOOOOooooooo....'. Cry of fury. Shaking bejoiner. Say 'Why? Why???'

Then hear: 'Hehehe.'

Lookig up now, see him there. Hung Bung. All of Cock Posse too, standing around, and Hung Bung dog name Zombiefoot. I shit a pants, and run.

After find a home new again, I sit down wish Dragonfoot there. First Jinschlong II die, then Dragonfoot die, and people too. What can gonna do?

Only one thing: Fight hard. Ricky never gonna run again after. ONLY to do running kicks and punches.

Dragonfoot, I remember you. Fuzz of faces and furpaw, you shit a streets of forever in heaven now. I see you again on a day of time.


Remember Inpsirate!

For some people do see Inspirate on Twitter, or all of Insiprate, so this time gonna show all Inspirate so far! Remember to look Titter for future Inspirates and all living thing!

Also make sure to say hell if you on Twitter!

Insapirate so far:

Inspirate #1: Treassure in tree hard to reach. NEVER use of ladder, ONLY use climb of foot and fist.INSPIRATE!

Inspirate #2: Dragon is real. Dragon is YOU.

Ispirate #3: Beleive in you dicks! Alway give it hard forever, NEVER stop beleving and giving!!

Inspirate #4: Seeing a star in a sky? Fly to it now!!! !!!

Inspirate #5: READ!!!!!

Inspirate#6: Special Inspriate for dog! - Hey, you bone hard to eats? Use you mouthteeth for chew it up! Yeah!

Inspirate#7: If you gonna fall on a ground, put you hands out to block. Thgen do push up workouts, for be storng of fight hared yeah!

Inspirate#8: Train you body but you brain too, for to be strong of fight hard in all, even brain match.

Inspirate#9: NEVER fight a kids or shits on a kids, ONLY if they of killer you family or of Cock Posse.

Inspirate#10: NEVER disappear. Only run to you faces of free.

Inpsirate#11: On a beginning of end, only YOU can be a key of doors. Be it now and unloick it forever!!!!!

Inspirate#12: If yoyu forget a road to take a long beginning, do shine a face of freeedom forever. NEVER take a wrong road.

Inspirate#13: NEVER be afraid of a monster inder you bed. Is only you reflection in mirrors!

Inspirate#14: Remamber you faces. If not, you will die.

Inspirate#15: Special for womenb! If you gettig raped by men, always punch on dicks first. If you raped by womens, punch on dicks first!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Songwrite Debut!!!

Today is a day for excited songwrite! I, Ricky, wanna shower what I work hard on of all times...Is my new song!!! Working hard on all night and days to write a good licks for to sing!

NOW! you, anyone who wanna help Ricky singing it, please show on a Yotubes and Ricky gonna show all videos and maybe who know??!!! Yeah! Hey maybe Bon Lovi gonna sing it on a day who can know it??? Best of fall, can be any kind you love, I Ricky think slowfast style, like of both, but maybe you say fast all? Or slow all? Or could be rape styl;e song? Ok let us do it!!!!


SHINIG AGAIN (Ricky's Song!!!)

On a rainy snowy day
Let you worries fly away
Let all the people say
What they waaaaanna say

Whenever you are alone
Just pick up a phones
Call a stranger to tell
Hey let's flyyyyyyy away

All of a world is beginning all again
All of womens and girls and all of boys and men

Shiine, shiiine like a dragon
On a day or night
Don't even stop to worry
Just remember to fight
And a gods will come to you to shine agaaaain

In a beginnings of again
Remember all you friends
A table is standing still
When you waaaaaaant to be

Punchings and kicking you
Is the only thing they can do
Angers fill you up
And then you gooooonna see

All of a world is beginning all again
All of womens and girls and all of boys and men

Shiine, shiiine like a dragon
On a day or night
Don't even stop to worry
Just remember to fight
And a gods will come to you to shine again

Don't even stop to see
What the world want you to be
Because we gonna see it through
Me and yoooooouuuuuuu yeeaaah

All of a world is beginning all again
All of womens and girls and all of boys to meeeen yeah

Shiine, shiiine like a dragon
On a day or night
Don't even stop to worry
Just remember to fight
And a gods will come to you to shine again

Shiine, shiiine like a dragon
On a day or night
Don't even stop to worry
Just remember to fight
And a gods will come to you to shine again

And a gods will come to you to shine again yeeeaaah

And a gods of furious strong will help you shine agaaaaaaaaiiiiiin

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tomorrow is a day!!!!!!!

Whooooaaaa....Ricky gonna be tired forever! So busty these days doing songwrites, book for you to read, Inspirate, shirt, fight, cry of brother dead, anger.....whoa! Almost like my balls gonna be destroyed in a ball storm, but Ricky will never let them! For you! Ricky will do it! Ricky will make it!

Ayway, big news for you to see and be. Tomorrow is a day for first big news but not last!!!

Remember to tell all of people on Earth to fight hard and never forget it, and we gonna change the world tohether!!!!!!!!

Ok...gonna sleeps now. Sleeps with me ok? We gonna all slep together side by sid.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Story of Fire

On a sunglasses of tomorrow days, I look down, see city of people burning. GFist in faces, shits of pants, believer of storm. Crying noiw, to see all a peoples burnig and die.

Ricky never want you to die of bnurning or die of fist of shits, or die ever! A warrior way in round beginning, role away.

Flying to places now to be free, to be forever, to begin fight hard. Sun of destroy follow you, follow you face. Look to see twin star of cloudy sun sky, emotional beginning? To remember ninja stray cat, tom remember warrior way dog. Eat a pizza of heaven and tomorrow, and eat a fruit of pie to be strong.

Seeing you faces now, smiles forever, never stopping. Eat a pizza, smiling, eat a fruit of pie, smiliong, windrammer style fuck, smiling forever.

Ricky say to you, always gonna fight hard to a dead end samson, even if all our balls gonna fall off our faces in a sky of emotional forever. You gonna let that happen? You gonna fall balls off our faces just because of fire? NEVER do. ONLY smile forever, washing away a fire of life.

Is story of fire Ricky tell you...Be living like Ricky, smile forever to be figt hard....yeah. :) (forevber)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Video of bolg read!

Good to see Ricky messange spread on a Yotube now! Good storng fighter of GloomLizard1 make a spceial video for read Ricky bolg 'Story Of Fist' of here:

See he video here! GHe good read and porbally good fight!

Keep fight hard! Yeah!

Hello of back!

Ahhh is good to be a better times! Ricky feel bettering already, like a new dophin in a waters. Thank to Jonny Snilge for step in to helps, even if Jonny come waking me up all a time even for he see hear a goats haha!! Thank aslo to all peoples everwhere, especialing peoples who come to bolg and make Jonny feel welcomeds for a day. Hey, now you go shit Jonny! Hahahahaha! Go shit you face! Hahahaha! Just kidding Jonny of crouse, only makjing a joke.

Lotta new thing to think, gotta see on all of it. Soon gonna tell all of a big thing to you. Ricky excited and hope you gonna too! Burt first, gonna eat a food and do a Twirret to all of a world.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ricky Sick - Jonny Snilge Agains - All Day Ulpdatings!!

Like bag of foot and dog of forever, Jonny Snilge return!!!

Haha yes, is you miss? Is me! Jonny Snilge, tarnslator for Ricky Wangstrom! What, you didn't know??? Hey begin agains noob! Haha! Is like bulge!

Ricky sick today, he puke of shits and look a zombie face hahaha! Jonny Snilge today gonna take care of blofg. Ricky do Inspirate on Twitte already and go back to  bed, so Jonny Snilge in control of all!!! Heheh yeah!

Gonna do a all day update, showing again and agains what Jonny do and think. Hey maybe gonna play some trick of Ricky face or ass even! Hey what you think???

Ok! Be back soon! Gonna smell of a fire and do like birdfoot, so remembers to check here again for updating!

11:21 - I look in a room where Ricky sleep. He snore like a dragon bone.

11:25 -I look again in a room. Still snore.

11:31 - Going back a room. Ricky snore is like a earth destruction. Tell 'Hey Ricky! Come oooonnnn!!!!!!'

11:37 - Think of good joke, so go back to room and say 'Hey Ricky! More is like Sicky!!! Hahahaha!'

11:38 - Laughing agains at 'More is like Sicky' joke hahahaha!!!

1:38 - Remembering story of musical shield, in a wind of rain force. You know? Is about all of a bounce.

2:42 - Remembe that story of musical shield actually in wind of thunder force, not rain force. Sorry! Still all of bounce though.

2:50 - Checkin' on Ricky, say whispers 'Hey...Hey Ricky...Ricky you asleeps? Ricky you asleeps Ricky?' Then yelling 'RICKY YOU ASLEEPS HUH?!' and Ricky shit up say 'Hey what? Huh?' Hahahahaha yes! Is good to be Snilge!

5:30 - Finding something interest. I look in Ricky desk and find  a sheets paper, scribble of a crayons, wordings on tops, talk about song. Huh? Is a songwrite?

6:20 - Wanna' know what is a song on papers, go in to room ask Ricky 'Hey Ricky! Ricky wake ups! RICKY!' and Ricky say 'Hey come ooon, man!' I say 'Ah, ok', and let Ricky sleeps.

7:45 - What is banging?

7:52 - Strange sound...Is like a foot of boulder, like a bang-bang sound. Not a good like bang-bang sound but...creepy.

7:53 - Something...something near?? Hello???

7:54 - Is touch me!!!!

7:55 - Hiding in a bed next to Ricky. He snore like a shits.

8:02 - Finally lookin' out a blanket like a bing, and see nothing, gonna go back to liver room.

8:04 - Is a ghost! No wait, is a jackets of hall closet. Haha Jonny shit a pants almost!

8:32 - Video game.

8:35 - Throwing bitch of shit controllers out window.

9:42 - Go outside, look for contollers. Found on a ground but is a dog shit all over.

9:47 - Clean dog shit contoller, use Ricky towel heheh! Is like good kinda surprise!

10:58 - Hearuing Ricky get up in a bathroom for pukings, wash hand...Hehe mayhbe use towel to dry.

10:59 - Hear Ricky say 'Huh??' Then Ricky puke again and agaion.

11:12 - a hard times for do blog. Ricky good guy and deverve all a credit. He gonna do lotta' good for all peoples and all times. Even animal too. Even dfragon and stormworm. Maybe biscuit?

11:15 - Sleeps. Thank to all of the peoples who spend tiome on blog with me today, thank for make me feel like a king of a blaster. Like smart farm. Good night!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Question perdio #1 - ANSWE!!!!

Ok! Thank for asking! Gonna tell all of now about asking questons, gonna answer all and tell!! Is a good technogoly for copy paste question, so I do and then type you answer! Aaaaaannddd go!!!!!

Q!: Anonymous: What's the sun of destroy?
A!: Ahhh yes, sun of destroy, ball of fist in a sky, burning of all to see it. You see it? Goo0d. Now look again, see coming closer....Gonna destroy. When a gods begin fight, sun of destroy is like a fist of bitch in all faces, gonna begin again all our lives! Be ready!

Q!: Lukas Sprehn (@LukasZprehn) on Titter/Many Anom ynous: What is a windrammer?
A!: Haha yes! Good to know, must know it for living like a dindwammer and live as you fuck!

Q!: Anonymous: What is the hangbang video game?
A! Yes I tell James An ger of I like the hangbang video game and all, and fight. Is a good style of game! Rember to shoot shoot shoot, shoot shoot all of fuck, bitches of enmeney maybe shoot you ship or shoot when you jumps. In some game when you take branch or apple, go in a sky and throw, is secret area and good bomus point! I find all of secret in some, but not ion some! Now Ricky ask all of YOU a question: Which is you favor???

Q!: Anonymous: Do you have a girlfriend?
A!: Aaaahhh Ricky gonna tell you a story one days about a best girl, of about what happen. Can say now because should be happy, nopt a story for good!!! Now of being, is no girlfird but Ricky aslways looking looking about!! Soon!! Gonna find!!!

Q!: Anbonymous: How do I call upon the gods of Strong Fierce so that I can live like a windrammer as I fuck?
A!: Yes, always beleiving in youself, bele in other, in a gods, being strong like for fight hard, strong like a man of a mountain! Never froget about a gods, about you family, about Ricky, about you!!! You can be!!! Gonna stuck together and be strong for fight. Always is hard hard like a bitch, live a life bvelieveing is make it good, make strong! If a life too hard, we gonna fight together!!!!!!! Then, aferter we standing talls amog a trees, gonna live forever!!! Eagle of sun gonna fly away, but come back of a message for you, say 'Hey, live forever!!' And you do!!! Then all of a gods see you so say 'Hey we gonna help!!!'

Q!: Anoynmous: How do you fight hard like a windrammer?
A!: Remelmber a lesson of all, when you back in a corner and you teeth falls out, and you face is a broken bitch of fuck, look in a mirrors and say 'Fight hardf!!!!!!!!!' NEVER Forget it!!!!!! I gonna keep tell you of about all of fight hard, and of style of and of how live and be, for fight hard!!!!!!

Q!: Manda Torres (@CharmandaCB) on Twiitter/Anoynmous: Where are you from, Ricky Wangstrom?
A!: Ahhhh thank you for ask! Is excited to tell all of about where I, Ricky, from and where I be and go. Begin is Korea!!!! Many happen in a home of Korea...Lot of shit of fuck, lot of sad and cry, of a darkness in a field. So many bad I can tell you. Good too, yes!!! But of a bad too. Some porblems in a home of Korea. Wanting to fix all of a problems for you and me, so is why I learn of a fight hard, and live forever. Still all of a problem exit there, still gonna fix. I believe in a America Dream!! In U.S. I come first to kill Hung Bung, but I look and see 'Whooaaaaa!!!' is like a good thing I come, is like a good thing for happen to me in a way. I see all of good, is amazing. BUT!! I see all of a bad to. You know somthing? Many all of aproblem is a same, in a home of Kore and of a U.S. here. I look and see and say ' all a same...we all a same...Gonna fix it.' So I begin of a Fight Hard Yeah! bolg of tell about fight hard, of about gonna find Hung Bung, and of best of all gonna fix ALL of world.

So best question now, is asking YOU, from ME RICKY: You gonna help me? We gonna stuck together? So many fighting to do, in a good way, gonna learn of about how to fight hard and live like a windrammer, and fuck of all of shit in our way. Gonna fix WORLD TOGEHTER.

So muchs more to come, Jonny Snilge gonna come again very soon and tell you, I gonna tell you mores on a Twitter and on a here bolg, writes a book for you and me, and who kn ow what we can do together???? Like a good say, only sky of a gods in a sky is a limit! Remelber say hello of a Twitter and of a here, I am with you! Remelmber all of days I give special Inspirate! messanges of Twitter, help all to fight hard! Yeah!

GO RICKY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!