Monday, July 23, 2012

Impotant. Please Read.

I, Ricky, tell you on a Titter about Indiegogo campaign freeze because the can tell me I am Korea so it can be a bad. How it can be a bad? I live a America Dream forever and you cannot stop of me. Even if you can try, I will block it with punches and kicks, and destroy any enemy in mu way with punches and kicks.

They tell me of a government will not love Ricky or Fight Hard Yeah! but I say it can be wrong. ANY person of a planet can learn on it and learn of how to fight, when to fight, whee to fight, and how to fight. Even if you can be of a government you can fight hard, but yeah only if you not gonna kill any good. If you are a bad? Yeah ok I understand of it, you never wanna be a good friend of Ricky. But? You can never stop Ricky or any Fight Hard Family.

So many peoples can ask me now, say 'Hey, Ricky, what you gonna do now huh? Where you gonna go or be, or say or be or where you gonna go of it?' And I tell them, say 'Ok I gonna go anywhere I can be. I will stay of America, and live on America, because I am live of America and America Dream. If a Indiegogo can not want to let Ricky get a funds for book and shirts? Ok fine, I go do it without you.'

Ok so now, Ricky gonna go and think on it. Who can know? Maybe a world is too full of a bad, maybe every person of a planet can be gonna try to kill Ricky. But? Ricky never tell of them about ALL Fight Hard Yeah! technbiques, so I have a advantaged. I will win it.

Thank you to rudeboy.twistedvisio and suranyi for good support and all peoples who try to support before the freeze it. I will remember you and protect you. What can happen now? I do not know for sure, I can think on it and decide of it.

Be careful on it. I gonna tell you that, all of a good. There can be a peoples who wanna hurt us, wanna do a bad thing. Make you fist ready, but also make you heart ready. Find a good person, and stay with them. If it can be 7 enemy or 27 enemy, even if the can try to stomp you body underground, you are LIVE. Remember it, and stick together.

I will talk on you soon.


  1. RICKY! We love you forever man!

  2. Ricky, you have to come back! We need your help learning new attacks!

  3. I are incredble of your work, you and totaly fan for you. But. I am in thinking fights not when need BUT aculy, to feel it, also. I too am like want to be you. now i AM you.
    Forevre, windfucks, and like the farmer says, live to be well in.
    to be of quotes, like jon bowey say, take my hand, ill live it, to swear.
    Nicole 4 eva <3

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