Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ricky Secret Massages

Hello, Jonny Snilge agains, #1 tarnslator Ricky Wangstrom, what you didn't know? Haha think agains! Even if a long time can go, you can still remember! Like me! I remember a thing, so I tell you now.

Ok I can aplogolize to you, all good friends. Ricky send me a secret massages, ask me, Jinny Snilge, give a massage to you from him to you. I gonna give it to you good, but I forget it. I take a massage and put it on tables, and play a good games.

A good news is I play many good games. I play a good new ones too. Also I beat a good hard game, it can be tough but I am a best. But first things fist. I gonna pass a massage to you like I say, because I remember it.

Ricky Secret Massage #1:
October 21, 2012
Dear Jonny, a good friend forever. I sneak off in a night. 3 month ago. I must tell you a mission. I find Hung Bung, finally, and you know it: I gonna destroy him forever. But? I must go along. I know you wanna alwasy come to helps, you are always there for me, my forever friend and #1 tarnslator, but I gotta do it Jonny, I can never put you life of a danger, only my. I promise I gonna do it for a world and be back soon. Tell all of a Fight Hard friend and family that Yeah! Ricky gonna do it! Thanks Jonny, I know I can count you. Forever. - Ricky

Ricky Secret Massage #2:
December 29, 2012
Jonny, I do it! I find a place of Hung Bung hideout. It can smell bad, like a man, but I gonna block all air of my nose and go do it. I promise I gonna finish a job. A good thing I can remember is you are my best friend and have my backs, and I know you are think of me and miss me. I miss you too. - Ricky

Ricky Secret Massage #3:
December 29, 2012
Jonny, where I am? I get lost. - Ricky

Ricky Secret Massage #4:
December 29, 2012
Ok wait, I seem him there...Yes, it can be him. Hung Bung. I never believe my eye before, finally I find a leader of Cock Posse, killer of my brother. My brother...I cry. No! I am a MAN. Never gonna cry agains like I say it. I gonna take all of a tears and drown Hung Bung forever in it. Jonny remember it to tell all peoples. Thank! - Rucky

Ricky Secret Massage #5:
December 31, 2012
Good news! Hung a dead. It was a hard, battle, but? I win it with puches. Just like I tell any person, good buddy! A fist can destroy any creator, and now I can proof of it. Fight Hard style, Windrammer style, it can be #1 forever! - Ricky

Ricky Secret Massage #6:
January 5, 2013
Bad news: I am a jail now. A cops tell me I never can kill, even with puches to destroy it. But? They do know about what Hung Bung and Cock Posse do? They do know about my brother die? Jonny, I know you are a anger because of it too, but you must help it now. Tell a good lawer to come and helps. - Ricky

Ricky Secret Massage #7:
January 6, 2013
Bad news again, Jonny. It turn it out that a person I kill is never Hung Bung. He is a homeless. I am cry forever now. Even a homelass can deserve a life. Can deserve a love. Can deserve a home. I am faily, Jonny. I am sorry... - Ricky

Ricky Secret Massage #8:
January 10, 2013
Good new! The homeless is not die, he is sleep! He say it he never even feel a thing because he can be drunk. It must can mean my puches knock him hard, Jonny, into a next week. So? I can leave a jail now and come home. Ok Jonny, tell all good friend and Fight Hard family that I gonna visit a family of Canada then be home soon: Saturday Ferbuary 9, 2013. - Ricky

Ok, there you have its. I find a wing and I am of sorry to say it late to you. But a person say better late than never early, and a bird can eat a worm. And a worm can crawl a hand today but die to tell you it is sorry. So now you can understand why I forget it.

Ok Ricky walk in a door now (it can make me remember to tell you secret massages).


  1. Welcome back, Jonny and Ricky! I thought you quit forever, or that you were a dead.

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  4. more posts, for the sake of something something!

  5. Rickie, I will now talk on you. As a fight hard families we need you to returns

  6. ..hahahahahahahahahahah..!!..hahahahahahahahahah..!!..hah..!!..hah..

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