Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I am write movies now

Hell to everyone who can look on my bolg to see it, I am back of back injure and get better, now I am here to tell you on it what am I do? Huh? What can I do on it to change a world even when not doing puches and kicks? It can make me think.

So when I am back injure and laying on a bed with Jonny bring me drinks and play video games to show me, I am think about doing more writings and maybe even write a good movie.

Okay now a big surprise, to show you a movioes I am writig! I tell you a names of any movies I am write, then tell you a type of movies, then I tell you about a movie and what can it be?

Movie #1:
Love On A Fist

Remember a time of love. It is forever, and you will always have a fist to show it.

Movie #2:
Fist Fever

Dance forever in a heat of town. They can never stop it if you dance forever in a heat of town.

Movie #3:
Fist Of A Killer

On a fist of horrors, you will die if you wanna come.

Movie #4:
Love On A Fist 2: Fist Of A Killer

Remember a time of love. It will die now, because it cannot live forever. A killer have a fist to show it, and you gonna die now.

Movie #5:

There is a guy. He have a fist and he can kill you. Watch out, Wolly.

Okay! I am exciting to make a molvie and show any person of a world who can wanna see a good movie!

Soon I am show you a part of scrips that I am write! So you can read of a movie to know it can be good!