Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Movie Scrip part: Fist Fever movie script

I am tell you I write a movies now, and I can make it good. I gonna show you here to see it that a movie is about. Here now of a world premeire, you can see a first part of a movie script of Fist Fever!

Fist Fever will be a movie about dancings. It is a Jagy story, he wanna dance and her dad dont want him to. It is a sad but good. See here now in a movie script to know:

Fist Fever Scene:

(Jagy walk in. The dad can look on him.)

DAD: Hellp Jagy, what you wanna say? To me?

JAGY: Oh hi Dod, I wanna tell you I gonna be a dancer!

DAD: No! Get out of a house and die lonely!

JAGY: No dad! Please let me dance! I will show any people that a dance can make it all! Okay!

DAD: No! Get on of my face and go to you rooms. Get out of a house now!

JAGY: No Dard! Nooooooo! I will dance and show you how a real man can be! And I will buy a house and kill you becows you never belive in me! I will dance on you grave, old man!

DAD: You shut it of a up! You never can understand why a adults never dance. It is becows we are have a hard time paying a bills and eating a food! (he cryings now) And I can never be a dancer again of my life!

JAGY: Sorry Dan. It is just a way it should be. I will dance forever and never pay a bills except with dancings.

DAD: You are right, sun. I am a stupid adults and I forget what a meaning of dance is. Go now and dance, my song. Forever.

JAGY: Okay Dad I will do it. I will dance and be a king of a streets, and anyone wanna tewll me I can mever dance, I will destroy them with dancings in there heart so they will cry and know that only a dancings can make a world go around.

(end of scene)

If you wanna show me you are a actor, use a Fist Fever scene and make it a scene and show it of Yotube. Let me know it and I will love it and tell any people. And? Maybe if you are a god actor, you can be rich.


  1. This was beautiful. I teared up.

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  3. Super awsome! Keep posting bits of your scripts. :-) big fan

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