Friday, June 20, 2014

World Premiere scene of Remember The Fist TV Show! (I am write it)

I tell you before about a movies I am write. Now? I am give you a world premiere of scene from a TV show I am write too!

It is called REMEMBER THE FIST, and it is a TV show. Roly is a guy, and he is a martial arts. He go on a adventure of learning, but also of fighting.

If you can want to make a TV show with me, let me know. Or if you are a actor, you can make auditions on a Youtube of a scene I am show you today.

In a scene here, Roly work of his job on a office and see the boss, Haelge.

Remember The Fist TV Show scene:

HAELGE: Roly, I am come on tell you something. It is a new thing you do not know.

ROLY: (He is suprise) Huh? What can it be?

HAELGE: You must take thes paper down to secretary. Go and do it now because you are a job. Go and do it now!!

ROLY: Ok boss Haelge, I will take the paper and bring it. Tell me, boss. Why?

HAELGHE: Sit down, Roly. I havbe a story to tell you.

(Roly sit down on floor, Haelge stand in front)

HAELGE: You are a orphan, Roly. You do not remember, but you parents give you to a church of fighters. Then you parents die.

(Roly cry on floor)

ROLY: How do my parents die?

HAELGEW: In a destruction.

(Roly make a fist and be mad)

ROLY: I never know a parents, but I know the love me. They give me to a church of fighter to make me strong and be fighter, and I learn and grow. I love to fight.

HAELHE: I know, Roly. I know. Now go and take a papers down to secretary. They are expect it.

ROLY: Ok I will do it now.

(Roly stand up and hug Haelge)

ROLY: Thank you Haelge, for tell me my origin story. Now I know a truth.

HAELGE: It is my pleasure, Rolo.

(Roly go to a elevator and push a button. It open, and he get on. He is hold the papers. The elvelator close and go down, and Roly look on the papers)

ROLY: Huh....?

(Roly see a message on the paper. It say: 'To secretarty: Kill Roly'.)

ROLY: What can it mean...?



  1. You're going to conquer Hollywood, Ricky!

  2. Your TV Show is going to be amazing, I can't wait!

  3. Master Riky, yo epic artists of the pancil have great powers of destructions! Soonly, Steven Spillburges and James Camel have no leafy greens in their power sized wallets, because Master Ricky take all of the moovise!

  4. The fist? No way cries! The best! You gonna be so fame by the night. Please do the make as soon, snilge. We should dastrate.

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  7. Always remember to live like a windrammer as you fuck.

  8. I am to doing auditions, Ricky! I have the suggest about you next story of punches and kicking, also! It called Adventure of the Bizarre Jojo: Diamond is not Crash. You show them how fighting Hard Style and Yeah! Ricky will never be game over!

  9. It truly saddens me to see that this blog hasn't been updated since 2014. Don't stop posting, Ricky. Your passion shines through in your work and your stories about fighting are truly inspiring.

  10. Don't even take a shit if you don't have to, and live like a windrammer as you fuck!

    Much love, HH.

  11. I fucking love you. You're my hero. I always see futures in balls.