Friday, July 13, 2012

Indiegogo Windrammer Book and T-Shit Campaign Go!

It can be good, it can be a day of launch a Indiegogo Windrammer Fight Hard Yeah!

Look on it here:

You can order official Fight Hard Yeah! book, and? Official Fight Hard Yeah! Live Like A Windrammer t-shitrs!

Everyone know it, I am write a good book for any people to inspirate, learn about fight, hard yeah, and learn more on me and even Jonny gonna tell you about a sex in A Jonny Guide Of Sex in official Fight Hard Yeah! book!

So many people can ask me 'Hey Rucky, what you gonna do on a shirt? Huh? You gonna do make a shirt? Huh? Hey? Gonna do a good fucks on girls and make a shirt about a windrammer style live like a windrammer?' And it can make me think on it, like 'Hmmm it can be good...' So now a best shirt of any world, Fight Hard Yeah! logo of a front, and full live like a wandrammer quote of a back! Now any girls can know you give good fucks on them, and even a guys too.

Thank you to all of a people who help me do a Indiegogo and a paypals and anything. Edward, Kate, Jonny of course, Uncle, and all friend of Canada I meet, and escepcially all Fight Hard Yeah! family of Twitter and bolg. Any peoples who help by read it, tell of it, make a video, make a song, a cartoon strip. I, Ricky, wanna say to YOU: Think you so much for you love. I love you too and will defend you from you enemys. I will destroy them with kicks of puches, windrammer techical, and a hate fist. Never worry on it.



  1. Where is the page? Has it been deleted? :( You should have sent this page to James, it would have been so funny! :D

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