Friday, June 29, 2012

Tim and Katy Together Forever

I hear on a news about a Tom and Katy gonna break up. I do not know them, but I can be sad for it. Why? Because it can make me, Ricky, think on so many sad times of a life.

Make me think about a time when my mother tell me 'Hey Ricky, I gonna divorce you father now.' And I cry my eyes off because it can make me sad and I say 'Huh? But why?' And my mother say 'Because he is dead. A funreal can be tomorrow.' And then I cry my eyes off agains and cry more on it. It can feel like I take my eyes off and throw them in a river, so wet. So cold. So sad on it.

Then I, Ricky, can think about a time of girl, she can be so beatiful, I look on her and get a good smile on my face, get a good hard dicks on my pants, she have a face like a angel and a body of a angel. She can makle me wanna be with her forever and never be alonely. She can make me think of a song and I will dance forever. But then I wake up and my mother yelling 'Hey Ricky! Get up on out of you bed, it can be a funreal today!' And yeah I remember a day before my father can be dead and my mother divorce him. I cry eyes out forever, it can feel like my heart fall on a floor and I step on it of a accident, squishing a heart bones out and never put it back.

I also think on a day when Jonny tell me about a girl he love. Late on a night, in a midnight times, Jonny come to my room say 'Hey Ricky, I can be a love.' I look on Jonny and say 'Woooooww!' I am so happy on him, and give a good high five. Then he say 'Ok I gonna give a good fucks now on her, be right back.' so he go to his room to give fucks on her, pobrably a best fucks of her life, and I hear a sound 'Ooooo Jonny! Oooooooo yeah Jonny! It can be good!' And it can make me wanna go take a good peek on it, so I sneak to Jonny room and open a door, and look and see? Jonny giving a good fucks on a girl, but? On TWO girl. Yeah he give a good dicks on one and then a other, and they say 'Oooooo yeeaaahh Jonny!' I say to me 'Yeah! and give myself a good high five for Jonny, then I close a door and go back on my room. But? Then I think on how sad I am to not be on a girl of my owe. To not give a good fucks to a girl now too for me. And it make me cry forever and feel like a world fall apart on me and a heart crush destroy, but yeah I still listen on a girls say 'Oooooo yeah Jonny do it on me harder!' and I like it too. But yeah still sad.

Tom and Karty also make me think on a good friend I have one time, name Tom. He have a good hand, long hair, strong of feeling and can be a good friend. Alway he talk to me about America, how I am do, how everything can be, and it make me feel welcome of America. Like a home. We share a good time and a good laugh, and he cheer me up and help me. Then one day I come home, see Tom and he show me a gun of my face, say 'Ok give it to me, all you money, you bitch! I gonna take you money and run!' And I say 'Huh?' And Tom say 'Yeah you are right, it is me! You stupid! I do a drugs and love a bad life! I will never be you friend, and maybe I go do a drugs and come back and kill you if you say!' Then I shit a pants, because I am afraid. But? Then good old Jonny come from behind, hit Toms on his heads with a frying pam, and we kick a shits on him forever. Yeah, then a police come and more can happen, but now can not be a time for it, I tell you another time. But yeah after, I sit in a jail, and cry my eyes forever, think of how sad it can be that my good friend Tom leave me.

Katy, are you can be sad now too? You can gonna go be sad because Tom leave you? Is it a drugs? Or maybe you, Tom, you can be sad if Katy leave you and you never gon na give a good fucks on her again? Never gonna kiss a beautigul face again or kiss her lip? Never touch a ass and say 'Yeah!' or see her of breast again? Yeah. Yeah, it can be sad. You right.

But it can be good for one day to see a ex-boyfriend, Katy, or a ex-girlfriend, Tom, and say 'Hey you know what? A sex can be good now, because you are a shit of bed.' or say 'Hey guess what, I can be pregnant on another man!' or maybe even say 'Hey now you gonna never date another, because I take you soul away hahaha!' or something like 'Hey I love you but it can be me, not you, so go.' or something like that. It can make you feel better sometime!

Then after he or she run away on it and cry forever, you can be a winner. So it can be not so bad.

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