Monday, April 23, 2012

Telling agains windrammer

Hello agains, Jonny Snilge here, what you didn't know #1 tarnslator for Ricky Wagstrom?? Begin on a bench to say it noob! Haha!

Ok, but Ricky still get a question for windrammer, so Jonny now gonna tell you, direct in you mouth, because sometime Rocky cannot tell it good even if Jonny tarnslate ok? So before Ricky tell you in a Question Answer, but now Snilge gonna tell you better.

Ok, now...See a beturner over there. Got it. Got a beturner. Yes. Yeeess. Lick it up, turn a be down. Crawl of face you bug. Fuck it forever.

Leaf on a ground now. Walk on a mother back crack. Crackerjack? Ok, but be sure. Sometime it can be alone. Alooooone. Leave me be alones! Ok I love you. Hang up a friend.

Towel beach surprise. Face of time gonna be free to it.Wash off you eyes, wash off you nestrils. Smell a hell in a air. Sniff sniif huh??? Can be a dark bird you kill.

Sheeeem! Sheeeeeeeem! Sheem! Ok yeah can work. Sheem! Walkrope buildings haha! Fall you over it from a blaster. Burger eater forever.

Jump to save. Yeah laster, save a face on a bread. Strong of fucks. Ram it ok? Bug still on a face, bejam it in. Sheem! Fuckings both now. Slime you beard of face, you beard fall off in a big bug surprise. Haha look funny! Never a beard agains.

Ok if you a question feel frew, but now you know it a windrammer for sure. Happy to help it.

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