Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How To Believe It!!!

Anytime Ricky go to it, go around walk to see, walk on a store or places, people alway gonna come to |Ricky say 'Hey, Rucky, I never gonna be it. I never gonna do one things with my lifes, never gonna shower in a heavens or be good fight or free forever. I only shit a streets, everyone look to say a bitch, ex wifes take kids say stink it.'

Now, Ricky gonna tell you all how to believe it!!! How to know forever you gonna make it, you gonna fight hard yeah!, you gonna be best dad or mothra of all time. Yes even mothers can do it too!!

First you take a mirror in you face. Go. Get it now and take it you face. Look. Look in it. In a mirror. You see? You seeing it now? Eeeeheheheh yes. Now you see it. :)

Ok, now say to you in mirrors 'Hey I never gonna shit a streets or fall again! Gonna neve take drugs and drinks, well maybe drinks sometime for cry, but never do a drugs or kill. ONLY gonna kill if a enemy shit my kids or kill my family. THEN, kill. Ok but never drugs or kill except a enemy. Probally not drinks either, because then gonna kill a wrong person.

Next step of forever: Begin it! Yeah now you can begin it, look at a sky and see dragon flying free forever, see a bird fly free or be get eat by a dragon. Ehehe see?? You gonna fly free it or get eat it.

Aftert, now you can go to a mall or a shopping mall, maybe buy clothes or hangbang game porbally, or maybe a toys for kids, or maybe even a weapons for protet kids and you, or kill a enemy. Maybe buy all of it to be sure, then you can be sure.

Then when you have a night sleeps, take a yawn of tomororw and remember it. Close you big eyes and imagined a frosty sky, no balls in a sky or face, no sun of destroy except for enemy. Then, dream. Dream! Drewm of you life you want it, how you can see it and be it, dream of you face in a sky for people to bow, dream of you make a company millions of money, dream of you crushing you opposents in you fist, then all of people will look to see you be a king, maybe even a god leader of people!

Now you gonna wake up from a dream. If you wake up in a middle of night still, do not move. If you move it to fast, all ghosts and demons can kill you. So be slow. See how Ricky do it? Sloooww...Go slow it. Look (Ricky whipsering to you now), look see it? You see a goats or demon?? Ok, quiet now...creep...creep along a edge. Creep to it. Then, kill. Now go back to selep and dream more!

Then can finally wake up in a day. Maybe still can be a demons, but ghost will be sleep now too. If a demon is near? Run. Run away forever. Then when you stop, look around. If demon can be gone, you can go back home. If a demon live there now, you can find a new homes, do not worry. Better to live away and fight a day, like a saying say.

Ok. Now you awake up in a new world, new world where you dreams will be real!!! Yes, you do fight good because Ricky tell you how! Yes, you crush yous opposents like a dog and a bone, spitting on a shoe shine and say 'Hey, fucks it! You think you gonna do it?? Cmon then and do it!!!'

So now you dream it, you awake, you believe it, you begin it!!!! Yeah ok, so peoples gonna tell you 'Hey fucks you face' or anything, but what you gonna do?? You gonna cry you faces off on a river?? You gonna crawl a shits again?? Huh??? You gonna eat a shits maybe?? Hey? You gonna eat a shits forever???? NO. Never again you gonna eat a shits, or crawl it agains, or cry a ocean of tars.

Now, you believe it. :)


  1. what kind of fucking genius are you. i demand to know.

  2. dude your.... my hero , i mean you and ricky.

  3. Jesus, you're on the same drugs you tell people to avoid! Windraming and fight hard against demons and ghosts? What the hell did you digest? :D

  4. i go to nees for respect in you and think you can kill tiger with only one hend but you kill no tiger never why you think it's not windrammers style but can if you will

  5. Fuck yeah! I'm never gonna take a faces shits again! Not even to the main man or president of untied starts, I say shits to them and ride a dragon even as I fucks!