Friday, March 23, 2012

Story OPf Dog

Furpaws and fuzz of face. Tail like a whisper. Licking tonge and eyes of beginner. Shit a streets and not picking it up. Is my old friend, Dragonfoot. In firey tornado, he running to Ricky, away from a bad, away from sad. New friend! New home now, gonna be forever. Lick my face now Dragonfoot, and feel you friend happy. Make me happy forveer Dragonfoot, and never go away!

Now seeing destructions, human dying in dreamwave, balls of hell on faces. Ricky falling down, down among peoples I never see before, cant get up, cant run away, cant get up ever again...Then moving fasty on ground, huh?? Pulled!!!! Look around, see Dragonfoot, his dogface look mine like 'Yeah!' and bite my shirt in mouthteeth and pull me away from wrecking crew believer.

Finally safe, I tell Dragonfoot thank you, will forever love him, and we never alone again.

Suddenly Dragonfoot die. I say 'NOOOOOOOooooooo....'. Cry of fury. Shaking bejoiner. Say 'Why? Why???'

Then hear: 'Hehehe.'

Lookig up now, see him there. Hung Bung. All of Cock Posse too, standing around, and Hung Bung dog name Zombiefoot. I shit a pants, and run.

After find a home new again, I sit down wish Dragonfoot there. First Jinschlong II die, then Dragonfoot die, and people too. What can gonna do?

Only one thing: Fight hard. Ricky never gonna run again after. ONLY to do running kicks and punches.

Dragonfoot, I remember you. Fuzz of faces and furpaw, you shit a streets of forever in heaven now. I see you again on a day of time.


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