Friday, March 23, 2012

Remember Inpsirate!

For some people do see Inspirate on Twitter, or all of Insiprate, so this time gonna show all Inspirate so far! Remember to look Titter for future Inspirates and all living thing!

Also make sure to say hell if you on Twitter!

Insapirate so far:

Inspirate #1: Treassure in tree hard to reach. NEVER use of ladder, ONLY use climb of foot and fist.INSPIRATE!

Inspirate #2: Dragon is real. Dragon is YOU.

Ispirate #3: Beleive in you dicks! Alway give it hard forever, NEVER stop beleving and giving!!

Inspirate #4: Seeing a star in a sky? Fly to it now!!! !!!

Inspirate #5: READ!!!!!

Inspirate#6: Special Inspriate for dog! - Hey, you bone hard to eats? Use you mouthteeth for chew it up! Yeah!

Inspirate#7: If you gonna fall on a ground, put you hands out to block. Thgen do push up workouts, for be storng of fight hared yeah!

Inspirate#8: Train you body but you brain too, for to be strong of fight hard in all, even brain match.

Inspirate#9: NEVER fight a kids or shits on a kids, ONLY if they of killer you family or of Cock Posse.

Inspirate#10: NEVER disappear. Only run to you faces of free.

Inpsirate#11: On a beginning of end, only YOU can be a key of doors. Be it now and unloick it forever!!!!!

Inspirate#12: If yoyu forget a road to take a long beginning, do shine a face of freeedom forever. NEVER take a wrong road.

Inspirate#13: NEVER be afraid of a monster inder you bed. Is only you reflection in mirrors!

Inspirate#14: Remamber you faces. If not, you will die.

Inspirate#15: Special for womenb! If you gettig raped by men, always punch on dicks first. If you raped by womens, punch on dicks first!

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