Friday, April 27, 2012

Massage to home

It can be a time for a special words to home. Even to be here in USA, I still can miss my home, miss some peoples and miss it. Yeah I can even miss a sad time, because it can alway be my home. I still watch a paper and news some time, and read about it, see what can happen from my home, and more.

I now must make a special massage to my home. You all know it, I am Korea to begin it, coming form a place call Hamhung. Is North Korea, one of a big city in it. I can love it still, even if so many a bad and sad can happen. It can be special to say it though, so please be with me as I say it.

I wanna tell home about what I can say to it. Wanna tell home what it can be, and what I see to happen.

Yeah maybe can be a mad about some thing, like some thing from US or a world or some peoples who gonna say or do some thing, but many peoples can not be that. Many can be good ok? Any people on all places can be mad about some thing, it can not mean it that every people can be bad. Some, yeah, some is a biggest bitch of bully or killers, but some can be saying a nice thing to you.

I wanna tell home. Please do not shoot a missiles or any weapon or make a fight.

Not at a USA, not at a South Korea, not at any peoples.  Yeah ok, Ricky can gonna tell all about fight and fight hard, but is different. Fight hard to live and be free, make it in a life. Not to kill good peoples or a family.

Why? Yeah I can tell you it. Because I am here. Yeah, I, Ricky, am in a USA and can be here and be happy. Yeah I can never forget home, will visit peoples and gonna helps you too, but I come to USA for dreaming about it. See? Yeah, any can dream, but many can never believe it or see it or get on it. Is why I wanna help any peoples for fight hard. Fight hard can be crushing opposents, yeah, but can it be other too, like just go to a dream and be it. Fight forever and never give it up, it can never matter wherever you must go.

Only because I come to USA it can never mean I forget home or never can love it still. ALWASY I gonna be Korea. And now? Yeah I have a good shot for show so many about it. I have a good friends now here too, even find Jonny here too and we hug it, and now all can be a family even if I can be Korea and other can be a USA or Russia or Engald or any. Even I have a family people in Canada too! What, can gonna destroy all peoples for some bad? No. Can never do it. A world is big. Bigger of Korea, bigger of USA, bigger any can be it.

Wanna remember it? Ok I can tell you. Is call a faminer. Remember it? Is of many years ago in 1990s. Remember all of people can never eat, only 2 every day? Remember so many can die, all of a family, even Ricky friend or family and other, all dying. So many peoples all around Ricky dying and never living. Yeah. I can remember it. Sometime can never even sleep about it. Is a big hell to live, but I, Ricky, learn about fight hard and can show it now, show a people and maybe even a world how to do it, how to live and be, how to survivor. Also can remember? I, Ricky, remember it, a USA people and more too come to help and give food. Who you know even give a most food to us? Yeah, China and South Korea neghbor. I can be young then, but still remember it and can never forget it. If I forget it, I can die or become a bad because then I can forget a friend. Yeah, is right, Ricky make a good friend that day. Never have to be angry anymores. Only live together. Still can always love home, but make a new friend that day and make a change, and can NEVER forget it.

So why you can forget it?


  1. A beautyful sentiments. Will I cry? Maybe. But cry hard. -GomessQ

  2. bloddy hell i,m amazed i find soul brother amen & piece.

  3. Heck this was unexpected. Good luck to you Ricky, I love reading about you and this post gave an entire new dimension to you. Fight hard, always!