Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Question perdio #1 - ANSWE!!!!

Ok! Thank for asking! Gonna tell all of now about asking questons, gonna answer all and tell!! Is a good technogoly for copy paste question, so I do and then type you answer! Aaaaaannddd go!!!!!

Q!: Anonymous: What's the sun of destroy?
A!: Ahhh yes, sun of destroy, ball of fist in a sky, burning of all to see it. You see it? Goo0d. Now look again, see coming closer....Gonna destroy. When a gods begin fight, sun of destroy is like a fist of bitch in all faces, gonna begin again all our lives! Be ready!

Q!: Lukas Sprehn (@LukasZprehn) on Titter/Many Anom ynous: What is a windrammer?
A!: Haha yes! Good to know, must know it for living like a dindwammer and live as you fuck!

Q!: Anonymous: What is the hangbang video game?
A! Yes I tell James An ger of I like the hangbang video game and all, and fight. Is a good style of game! Rember to shoot shoot shoot, shoot shoot all of fuck, bitches of enmeney maybe shoot you ship or shoot when you jumps. In some game when you take branch or apple, go in a sky and throw, is secret area and good bomus point! I find all of secret in some, but not ion some! Now Ricky ask all of YOU a question: Which is you favor???

Q!: Anonymous: Do you have a girlfriend?
A!: Aaaahhh Ricky gonna tell you a story one days about a best girl, of about what happen. Can say now because should be happy, nopt a story for good!!! Now of being, is no girlfird but Ricky aslways looking looking about!! Soon!! Gonna find!!!

Q!: Anbonymous: How do I call upon the gods of Strong Fierce so that I can live like a windrammer as I fuck?
A!: Yes, always beleiving in youself, bele in other, in a gods, being strong like for fight hard, strong like a man of a mountain! Never froget about a gods, about you family, about Ricky, about you!!! You can be!!! Gonna stuck together and be strong for fight. Always is hard hard like a bitch, live a life bvelieveing is make it good, make strong! If a life too hard, we gonna fight together!!!!!!! Then, aferter we standing talls amog a trees, gonna live forever!!! Eagle of sun gonna fly away, but come back of a message for you, say 'Hey, live forever!!' And you do!!! Then all of a gods see you so say 'Hey we gonna help!!!'

Q!: Anoynmous: How do you fight hard like a windrammer?
A!: Remelmber a lesson of all, when you back in a corner and you teeth falls out, and you face is a broken bitch of fuck, look in a mirrors and say 'Fight hardf!!!!!!!!!' NEVER Forget it!!!!!! I gonna keep tell you of about all of fight hard, and of style of and of how live and be, for fight hard!!!!!!

Q!: Manda Torres (@CharmandaCB) on Twiitter/Anoynmous: Where are you from, Ricky Wangstrom?
A!: Ahhhh thank you for ask! Is excited to tell all of about where I, Ricky, from and where I be and go. Begin is Korea!!!! Many happen in a home of Korea...Lot of shit of fuck, lot of sad and cry, of a darkness in a field. So many bad I can tell you. Good too, yes!!! But of a bad too. Some porblems in a home of Korea. Wanting to fix all of a problems for you and me, so is why I learn of a fight hard, and live forever. Still all of a problem exit there, still gonna fix. I believe in a America Dream!! In U.S. I come first to kill Hung Bung, but I look and see 'Whooaaaaa!!!' is like a good thing I come, is like a good thing for happen to me in a way. I see all of good, is amazing. BUT!! I see all of a bad to. You know somthing? Many all of aproblem is a same, in a home of Kore and of a U.S. here. I look and see and say 'Hey...is all a same...we all a same...Gonna fix it.' So I begin of a Fight Hard Yeah! bolg of tell about fight hard, of about gonna find Hung Bung, and of best of all gonna fix ALL of world.

So best question now, is asking YOU, from ME RICKY: You gonna help me? We gonna stuck together? So many fighting to do, in a good way, gonna learn of about how to fight hard and live like a windrammer, and fuck of all of shit in our way. Gonna fix WORLD TOGEHTER.

So muchs more to come, Jonny Snilge gonna come again very soon and tell you, I gonna tell you mores on a Twitter and on a here bolg, writes a book for you and me, and who kn ow what we can do together???? Like a good say, only sky of a gods in a sky is a limit! Remelber say hello of a Twitter and of a here, I am with you! Remelmber all of days I give special Inspirate! messanges of Twitter, help all to fight hard! Yeah!

GO RICKY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I gonna help yuo Ricky!! We all fight strong and live hard! You fans is here and will become helping you together!!

    Windrammers froevre!

  2. I loved this Q&A Ricky. Korea is a place where there's a lot of anger and fight and yeah the sun of destroy is very present.WE'RE GONNA FIX THIS BROKEN WORLD RICKY!!! :D
    Oh and i didnt know what was hangbang game but now u mention it.. thats the game i like too!
    Peace and Fight Hard YEAH!!!

  3. Now I know this is fake... thanks for ruining my dream... I really though there was a retarded Engrish speaker that was unknowingly tickling my funny bone. Fucker.

    1. Why do you think Ricky is fake? Ricky is real-talk; all day, every day

    2. Hey who you, of Cock Posse? Ricky gonna kick a shits! Is a turbo buster?

    3. Hey Jonny, clam down! Even if he Cock Posse, he still gotta be welcome to say............But yeah I gonna kick a shits of Cock Posse.

    4. You thinking it was real until now means you're the real retard

  4. Anyone that believes this is fake doesn't understand how to fight hard, and will never live like a windrammer!!

  5. Tihs bolg is greait!

  6. I still don't know what a windrammer is -_-

    Oh and for first timers, Ricky isn't responsible for the Engrish in this site, rather it's his translator friend Jonny Snilge. Read the earlier post where he explains it

    1. Yeah you see a someone who know and remember Jonny Snilge of finally! I love all of a baskets and redark. Really gonna save a day someday so is gotta have a way to be shine.

    2. Yeah I'm a big fan of you Jonny Snilge :D

      So whats a windrammer? Is it an animal?

  7. This really is fake, read closely and you will see several inconstincies, words spelled differently each time, grammar that is wrong in different ways each time and several other things. If it was really an online translator or even just this "Jonny Snilge", he wouldn't spell things differently each time, he'd be making the same mistakes in one post.

  8. I'm kinda scared... I'm not sure I should've come here after that AVGN episode... Also, Mike Matinee? That is just... wow. And a windrammer.

    1. Thats why I'm here too. Totally confused to be honest.