Monday, February 20, 2012


All agains hello!

Time to upsdate all, so I take a times to tell all of about it.

Firt, of about shirt. I email Jame Anger Nerdgame and Chand of Screw and Attack, see maybe they help Ricky to make a shirt. So we see! If not, Riocky gonna do with other. Other is not anger like a Jams Roofe but is good! Shold know soon and will tell! We gonna tell all of world for live like a windrammer go!!!

Aslo, I tell a secrets...I, Ricky, gonna writing a book! For you! To be! Hahaha yes, alls is to see what Ricky do and be and say. and of how beand do and say! Gonna tell all more of Leggenary Story, and too for be inspirate, fight hard, and live forever! All story of me, Ricky, and full life, and of how fight hard yeah!!!!!!!

I tell all for sure soon what will be true, for when shirf come out to wear, and later when a book coming out. Maybe even a pictures in a book to show!!!! Yes!!!!

And! Soon Jonny Snilge will say mores again, he have a lot to tell of about a lot!

Gonna continue Leggendar Story soon, still gonna kill Hung Bung and fuck a shit of Cock Posse bitches.

Last but not of a leaf, tomrorrow is I tell you of anser for Question Ansrer P:erdio!!!! Remember to ask now for Question Answer Perdio #1! And I tell!

Ok gonna look a book and tell it story for you reading. Teel more soon.

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  1. Question answrr perdio?
    Can i ask the detail of becomming fight hard? It is dream of mine since childbirthing to live like a windrammer! But my fight hard yeah is no, how do you fight hard like windrammer?