Sunday, February 19, 2012


Sometime people say 'Hey Ricky! Whowhat do inspirate??' And I tell 'Haha is good! Is good to inspirate!' Now here I tell of who inspirate, of what inspirgate, and all of inspirate for fight hard. Yeah!

In a young times of world, I cry all again. Cry of sleep, cry oif school, cry of eat, even cry of fuck believe or nots. Cry of bathroom, cry of toilet, cry of kitchen, cry of rice, cry of brother, cry of hangbang video game, cry of all agains.

Only not cry? Fight. Haha yeeesss you see nows? Yes you sees. When fight or think of figt, is not even a cry or a shits falling. Only fight essence flying throug, like dragon born to be wild.

Now. When slistening, I hear good good bands of Bon Lovi, singing 'Whooooa live a praaaaayeers halfway theeereee!' and I cry, yes, but of GOOD cry, like a angel voice tell 'Hey, cry for good!' and I cry of happy and strongs for fight.

When seeing, I see good fight of Mies Tyson, he punch of fists and foot, kick a fucks of a face, make a shit fall hahahaha! Make a shits fall when punch faces for sure. Is inspirate me and make think 'Hey Ricky! Why you niot fight???'

Aslo, of Bruce Leew and seeings him in a movie, he of punches and fists, like make a baby with moiuth HAHA.

On a think, I relmember for inspirate, and I know to be inspirate for you. Glad to helps and glad to see all take advice, but not is not enoug, must be sure to inspirate!

So now on a days I gonna make special in spirate message on Twiirrer, to spread word of inspirate and helps all, make all live windrammer style.

Be sure to see!


  1. Make all live windrammar style! Make all live in the shit falling ways of Mike Tyson! Make all live in the fuck making with mouth waes of Bruce Lee! Mack prayers halfway thar of Jon Bovi! And make inspirate ourselves! Jenius Ricky, Geinus.

  2. I interest in windrammer; plase howe showe to windrammer like you said tobeee a rammer in the jamer video like a windrammer fuck. Please esplain how to be rammer like windfuck.