Saturday, February 18, 2012

Story of Fist

All of sun shine. Laike a darkness table on emotional. Make a fists and clap forever. I look down, see darkness of feet. sad, to want brother alive. |Toe wantemotional table. Begin day of light, begin night of beginnning.

Again be true, for of tellin g again of body and souls. Tiger do not souls, so kill. Kill tiger! Againb of becoming tiger, you be killed...see?

Seeing old mandog now, he crawl and beg, crawl and beg, crawl and belg. I tell 'Hey mandong!' You wish you fight huh? Me too.' Then old mandog crawl away, shitting street as crawl, going in sewer for food. You like be that? You like be mandog shitting street and crawlf sewer for food? Huh? Then be storng. Be like Ricky. I tell you of fist be sure, punching and kickings with fist in a faces. Never shit a street. NEVER! Nevers allow a shit to fall in a street.

Is story of fist. I give to you. Now go be live forevers walking, not crawl.


  1. Promises to deer Ricky never shit fall in the sewer street. Aslo Tiger do not soul kil tiger, I see!

  2. if shit when street falls i am dissapoinged