Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ricky Sick - Jonny Snilge Agains - All Day Ulpdatings!!

Like bag of foot and dog of forever, Jonny Snilge return!!!

Haha yes, is you miss? Is me! Jonny Snilge, tarnslator for Ricky Wangstrom! What, you didn't know??? Hey begin agains noob! Haha! Is like bulge!

Ricky sick today, he puke of shits and look a zombie face hahaha! Jonny Snilge today gonna take care of blofg. Ricky do Inspirate on Twitte already and go back to  bed, so Jonny Snilge in control of all!!! Heheh yeah!

Gonna do a all day update, showing again and agains what Jonny do and think. Hey maybe gonna play some trick of Ricky face or ass even! Hey what you think???

Ok! Be back soon! Gonna smell of a fire and do like birdfoot, so remembers to check here again for updating!

11:21 - I look in a room where Ricky sleep. He snore like a dragon bone.

11:25 -I look again in a room. Still snore.

11:31 - Going back a room. Ricky snore is like a earth destruction. Tell 'Hey Ricky! Come oooonnnn!!!!!!'

11:37 - Think of good joke, so go back to room and say 'Hey Ricky! More is like Sicky!!! Hahahaha!'

11:38 - Laughing agains at 'More is like Sicky' joke hahahaha!!!

1:38 - Remembering story of musical shield, in a wind of rain force. You know? Is about all of a bounce.

2:42 - Remembe that story of musical shield actually in wind of thunder force, not rain force. Sorry! Still all of bounce though.

2:50 - Checkin' on Ricky, say whispers 'Hey...Hey Ricky...Ricky you asleeps? Ricky you asleeps Ricky?' Then yelling 'RICKY YOU ASLEEPS HUH?!' and Ricky shit up say 'Hey what? Huh?' Hahahahaha yes! Is good to be Snilge!

5:30 - Finding something interest. I look in Ricky desk and find  a sheets paper, scribble of a crayons, wordings on tops, talk about song. Huh? Is a songwrite?

6:20 - Wanna' know what is a song on papers, go in to room ask Ricky 'Hey Ricky! Ricky wake ups! RICKY!' and Ricky say 'Hey come ooon, man!' I say 'Ah, ok', and let Ricky sleeps.

7:45 - What is banging?

7:52 - Strange sound...Is like a foot of boulder, like a bang-bang sound. Not a good like bang-bang sound but...creepy.

7:53 - Something...something near?? Hello???

7:54 - Is touch me!!!!

7:55 - Hiding in a bed next to Ricky. He snore like a shits.

8:02 - Finally lookin' out a blanket like a bing, and see nothing, gonna go back to liver room.

8:04 - Is a ghost! No wait, is a jackets of hall closet. Haha Jonny shit a pants almost!

8:32 - Video game.

8:35 - Throwing bitch of shit controllers out window.

9:42 - Go outside, look for contollers. Found on a ground but is a dog shit all over.

9:47 - Clean dog shit contoller, use Ricky towel heheh! Is like good kinda surprise!

10:58 - Hearuing Ricky get up in a bathroom for pukings, wash hand...Hehe mayhbe use towel to dry.

10:59 - Hear Ricky say 'Huh??' Then Ricky puke again and agaion.

11:12 - a hard times for do blog. Ricky good guy and deverve all a credit. He gonna do lotta' good for all peoples and all times. Even animal too. Even dfragon and stormworm. Maybe biscuit?

11:15 - Sleeps. Thank to all of the peoples who spend tiome on blog with me today, thank for make me feel like a king of a blaster. Like smart farm. Good night!


  1. johnny sniggler you are a very good translator, keep up the good work!

  2. Hey yeah! Is abvout time somebody gotta say it! Glad to you like, may always a bottle of charm in you face watch a tiger on a melon days. Agains!

  3. Get well soon, Ricky!


    Jonny, you did a good job filling in for Ricky!


  4. Jonny, you're so funny! Ricky, more like Sicky! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA