Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello of back!

Ahhh is good to be a better times! Ricky feel bettering already, like a new dophin in a waters. Thank to Jonny Snilge for step in to helps, even if Jonny come waking me up all a time even for he see hear a goats haha!! Thank aslo to all peoples everwhere, especialing peoples who come to bolg and make Jonny feel welcomeds for a day. Hey, now you go shit Jonny! Hahahahaha! Go shit you face! Hahahaha! Just kidding Jonny of crouse, only makjing a joke.

Lotta new thing to think, gotta see on all of it. Soon gonna tell all of a big thing to you. Ricky excited and hope you gonna too! Burt first, gonna eat a food and do a Twirret to all of a world.

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