Friday, February 24, 2012

Video of bolg read!

Good to see Ricky messange spread on a Yotube now! Good storng fighter of GloomLizard1 make a spceial video for read Ricky bolg 'Story Of Fist' of here:

See he video here! GHe good read and porbally good fight!

Keep fight hard! Yeah!


  1. Thank you for your commendations, Ricky! It was an honor to recieve an opportunity to narrate such an inspirational piece of work written by such an inspirational figure such as yourself. Since reading over your blogs I have striven as hard as I can to become a good Fighter and live as a Windrammer. I narrated your piece titled 'Story of Fist' hoping that I could please the Gods of Furious Strong, I want their favor, I want them to smile on me and make me even more STRONG. Do you think I have pleased them, Ricky? You are a great and powerful fighter, keep up the good work!

    1. Yes Gloomlizard, ALL of a gods gonna be with you for figt hard, in of emotional. Remelmber Ricky her too! Ricky gonna be side of side of you on a emotional beginning. Hope to see mores, especailly when Ricky show songwrites, hope to see you be of it. Fight haqrd yeah!!!

  2. Gloomlizard is big of strong fighter, he should narrate more of Ricky's bolg stories in the true windrammer style.

  3. RICKEY DICKSTORMS BIGGST FANFebruary 25, 2012 at 7:37 PM

    a shinineng ass treasuore forever! more bolg readinengs for big fight fucks enjoeyment! please! thank!!!