Thursday, March 1, 2012

Story of Fire

On a sunglasses of tomorrow days, I look down, see city of people burning. GFist in faces, shits of pants, believer of storm. Crying noiw, to see all a peoples burnig and die.

Ricky never want you to die of bnurning or die of fist of shits, or die ever! A warrior way in round beginning, role away.

Flying to places now to be free, to be forever, to begin fight hard. Sun of destroy follow you, follow you face. Look to see twin star of cloudy sun sky, emotional beginning? To remember ninja stray cat, tom remember warrior way dog. Eat a pizza of heaven and tomorrow, and eat a fruit of pie to be strong.

Seeing you faces now, smiles forever, never stopping. Eat a pizza, smiling, eat a fruit of pie, smiliong, windrammer style fuck, smiling forever.

Ricky say to you, always gonna fight hard to a dead end samson, even if all our balls gonna fall off our faces in a sky of emotional forever. You gonna let that happen? You gonna fall balls off our faces just because of fire? NEVER do. ONLY smile forever, washing away a fire of life.

Is story of fire Ricky tell you...Be living like Ricky, smile forever to be figt hard....yeah. :) (forevber)


  1. this was so brilliant! you are such a good writer, ricky, can't wait for you're book!

  2. Ricky Wangstrom is a warrior poet.