Thursday, May 31, 2012

A you vs. another you. How you can win it and not defeat?

A god friend on Twitter, Max @myhouseistwiter can ask me on another day, say 'Sometimes it seems like my only enemy is myself. But how can I Fight Hard against myself? Thank you for Fight Hard Ricky!'

Ok it can be a good question and it make me think on it. I am worry on my friend, because he can be a enemy of him, and a worst kind of a enemy can be YOU. Because it can a problem on it. If you can defeat you, you will still be defeat, because you defeat you. See? It can be important to undertand.

A main problem can be 'How can it be ME??!!' Yeah because you wanna know how it can be you attacking on youself. It can be some different ways sometime.

First way of it can be, is it can be a evil twin from before. Yeah, you mothe and father never can tell you, but you have a twin! And he or she can be a evil. You parent hide them away in a dusty room, or a basement rooms, or in a sea or send him away in a sea or insane asylum. So you can never know it, but one day? Yeah, you have a kock on you door and who can it be? It can be you twin. First you say 'W...Wait...It can be me!' Then you twin say 'Hehe, no it can not, it can be ME! YOU!' and it can confuse you, but before you can think on it, a evil twin can be punching you faces hard with fists, smashing you tooth out and throw it away, and aim for balls too. So it can be bad.

Another way of it can be is it can be you from a future. In a future times, you can be a evil, or maybe you can be a evil now and you future can be a good. Either wa, you future you come back on time to destroy you, say 'Hey I can desatroy you now because you never give a girl a good fucks' Or maybe 'Hey now you can be destroy because I am a better than you!' It can be a big problem because you future you is from a future, so he can ALREADY KNOW WHAT PUNCHES YOU WILL DO NEXT. See? He can know every move you will do, and so he will know what move to do insdead of it, especially if he can read what Ricky can teach. And in a future, ALL of a best fighters will read what Ricky can teach. So yeah, he can destroy you.

Hmm another way can be a thing call cloner. A cloner can be a medical experience that can take you body chemical and make it agains, call a cloner. So it can be two of you in a room at a same time, or maybe more of two. If it can only be one cloner, ok, it can be alright, I will teach you how to defeat him. But if it can be a thousand cloner? I shit a pants and run away forever. I want nothing to do on it. Sorry.

Ok wait maybe I can help you, I can be sorry. I never must run on a friend, even if it can be a thousand cloner. We will think of a thing and defeat them. Maybe a good way can be to make MORE cloners, and have a good cloners against bad cloners war. I will teach any good cloners how to do a good punches and fists, and we can win it. Hmm but how can I know it can be a good cloner or a bad cloner? It can be hard to tell because they can all look the same. Maybe we can make a secret questions for ask, and if it can be a wrong answer, we will know it is a bad.

A sneak way of it can be you is it can a enemy look like you. He can have a sneaky beard or glasses or anything that can look like you, and pertend he can be you. He give a good fucks on you girlfriend or boyfriend, go to a parties with all you friends, go on you job. Ok maybe if he go on you job, it can be good, let him be it. But yeah if can do a fucks on you girlfirned or bofriend or go to a parites with you friends, stop him. You will be missing out on you whole life, and one day you can cry on it and depress.

Something maybe you never think on before of a way it can be you, is it can be a mirror. If a other you can follow you every move, make a same face or move a hand at a same time, take a good look on it, maybe it can be a mirror. Even if it can be a mirror, punch on it anyway and smash it forever, because you can never know it be a enemy hiding behind or look like you, like I tell you before on Twitter for Inspirate.

One more way of it can be, is you can be a crazy. Maybe you go crazy, start punching and kickings you own face, think 'Hey it can be another me attack!' but no, it is only YOU, and you own fists and punchkicks attackings. A crazy can attack in so many ways, so yeah it can be tough. You never know it can be in a shower attack try and drown you of water, attack when you give a good fucks on a girl and maybe chop on dicks with a knife or karate chops, attack you on a bus and make a bus run on a roof, who can know it? Anything.

So you can see it, it can be any way it can happen. A main thing to remember is I am here with you, and believe on you. Everywhere you go, I am in you, so you can never really be along. Ok? So do not be afraid.

A best way to defeat a you, is to maybe run away, or to become a good friend. Yeah if you can be a good friend of you, then you will have two you for do a thing to do like kill a enemy, give a good fucks on girls, play ping pongs, attack a enemy on his marriage, and anything you can want! Ok so yeah that can be a best thing, is become a good friend of you. Then you can never lose it agains!

Ok and then when you have a good trust of a other you, sneak on him in a nighttime when he sleep and dream, and destroy him while he sleep with punches and kicks, puching his faces with fists and kicks again and agains, never stopping until he can be destroyed. Then? You are a winner finally. You did it, and I can be proud on you.

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