Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sport Reporter Forever: Who can win a Hockeys?

A first time Sport Reporter Forever! It can be a new time where Ricky or Jonny gonna tell you on it sports, who can win it, who is a best teams, maybe who can win it and never lose even!

Tonight can be a good excitement, because it can be LA Kings and New Jerser Devils for Stanley Cup NHL! A big question so many people can ask on it can be 'Hey Ricky, who can win it??' Ok! Good question! We can look on it now.

Any people can know I do love a LA Califorinia. It can be good for a sunshine tanning, work out you muscle for crushing tactics, long hair, glasses, sunglasses and I do love it, a truck, sports (it can be hockeys, basketbal, football, baseball  and maybe more) running, work out you muscles for destroying any opposent in you way, and more. So yeah, LA can be a good and maybe it can win it??

Hmm but yeah New Jeresey, ok I didn't think about that, yeah maybe New |Jersey can win it? They love fight like Ricky, they have a hot dogs, ocean competition, gamble, crimers, sports (it can be hockeys, basketbals, football, baseball and maybe more too), say 'Fucks!' to many people, so yueah maybe it can be good and New Jersey can win it.

In a end of time space, only one teams can win it. Another teams can only lose it, so yeah only one teams can win it. It can be maybe LA Kings or New Jersey Devils. Maybe if it was a Philadelphis Fliers I can say yeah they will win it, because they do best in a fight usually, but Philadelphia can never win now because they play New Jersey before and New Jersey destroy they faces in a sun of excitement, you know it? So yeah it can only be LA or New Jerse. And maybe I can say a Phoenix Cototes can win it because of a cotote attack and they come from a hot, but LA cruch them in the way, smashing the faces against the ice. So yeah only LA or New Jersey can win it.

Hmm ok so maybe it can be a tie? Yeah I never thought on it before, but maybe both team can never score a goals, or maybe both team can score 50 goals, and they play in a game call overtimes where if you take a first shot, you win it. But? Both team can be so tired that they fall asleep on a ice. A referee can say 'Hey cmon do it!' but they cannot do it because they sleep. And so? It can be a tie.

Official decisions on it who can win a Hockeys? A tie. Both team can share a Stanley Cup and have a good party, and live forever, and they will be good friends again. Then? Any first person who can sneak it will take a Stanley Cups and cruch they opposents with skates in faces and punches fisting the faces, destroying them forever. So they will win it.

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