Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I tell you wolf.

Ok a good Jonny Snilge here, #1 tarnslator of Ricky Wangstrom, what you didn't know? Ok know it now or begin agains noob.

Sometime someone of a name on Twitters ask Ricky a question of wolf, say:

How about the power of the wolf?

Ok and Ricky say it:

'Oh a power of a wolf ok. Yeah it can be a power and can shine on it in a moon. But? It can only have a pawclaw. Never a fist.'

 Ricky can be best for telling you on fight and punchkicks and more of fight, but maybe I can believe it that he do know a wolf or power wolf. It can be a #1 seller and be good, so Jonny gonna disagree on Ricky and tell it on you now.

A wolf can be good. It have a good sharptooth, can destroy a enemy into pices and rip and kill like a bug. It teeth can rip a bone in half and saw it up nice to eat it later or have a baby wolf eat it later like a bug.

On a wolf face can be eyes, lookin on you like to kill you or eat you or have a baby wolf eat you. It can look on a moon and know anywhere it can be, say to a other wolfs 'Go to it now and be!' and then can make a run fast through a night and make a sound like Sheeem! when it go fast through a night sky. You can never see it go becows it can be too fast like a strong wind. Yeah Ricky gonna tell you be like a strong wind and ride it, but never can you gonna be like a wolf.

Ricky can be right about pawclaws. A wolfs can never have a fist so he can never do any punches on you, so you can be safe from it if a wolf can only wanna do punches. But a pawclaw can be hurt too, hurting on you body and in you eyes, scratch you brain out from you brain and lick it. So yeah pawclaws can be pretty tough. When you see a wolf go for pawclaws, you know it can be hell soon.

Also a wolf look in a sky to see it, see a moon and yell it out: 'Harooooooooooo!!!' and then yell it out agains 'Harooooooooooooooo!!!!' longer this time. He call his friend wolfs to come eat you. What you think a wolfs can never have on a friend? Well, you can be wrongs.

Now a wolf can fly. He use a power of moon to soar in a sky like a bird, but he is a wolf bird kinda. He fly arouind you, lookin on you to eat, maybe to play a game with you face and eat it. And all he wolfs friends come now, and they gonna fly too now. So you have all wolfs from a forest flyin on you now, lookin on you to eat.

Then wolf will do tongue attacks on you. Only attacks you can do on it now? Shit a pants attacks, because you shit a pants now when wolf tongues fly at you and lick you face, eat you, lick you everywheres on you body. Stick in you mouth even, make you puke it ups.

Then you will die, and a wolfs and all wolfs friend eat you alive.

So yeah a wolfs can be good and a power wolf is best. Power on a wolf can never be stopped. Ok maybe by punches but yeah is different. I just wanna make it sure you know it and for Ricky to remember on it.

Only a best protection? Look like a wolf. Grow you hairs long on you faces and head, maybe even dicks if you wanna go be naked ever. Then a wolf can look on you like 'Huh?' and then look more for say 'Oh it can be a wolf friend, good.' But remember if you hear it a wolf say 'Haroooooooo!' at you if it can think you a wolf, it want you to come eat a humans with it.

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