Thursday, May 17, 2012

A fight Boba Feets vs. A Predators

A good friend Matt Vatt Lanten @Vanny781 ask me a good question on Twitter: 'Nerd question; Boba Fett vs Predator, who wins?'

Ok now I, Ricky, can tell you who can win it. It can be a good question to know it cause who can know it if maybe it can happen on a Earth? Maybe it can be to save a world or destroy it. Yeah I gonna kick a shits on both if any can wanna destroy it, but who can win it beteewn them?

Ok first you say 'Hey who can it be?' because you wanna know who each peoples can be. I will tell you.

A Boba Fetts can be on a Star Wars movie, and maybe he can win it because I do love Star Wars movie! But yeah it can never be enough, so take a look on him. He can destroy, he can wear a good armors, have a good voice to say 'Hey yeah, give it to me I gonna take him to Jabba Hut' or maybe to scream on a ears of opposents. 

A Predators can be of sex, like to attack a girl or maybe even attack a man sometime, but usually attack a girls. Sometime it can be one Predators or maybe it can be more? WHo can know it. They can be sneaky but can be scarred away by cops or punches, I tell you it in a minute. They have a good sex attack though.

ADVANAGE: Even, because Star Wars can be good and sex can be a good.

Ok next you say it 'Hey who can have a good armors or portection, or a hard face for defend punches?'

Yeah ok I tell you b efore Boba Fetts have a armors, and a Predators never can have it I think. But maybe a Predators can take a armor by trick? Remember a good thing Ricky will tell you in a book soon  in a part to tell you how to fight hard:

Hide you dicks in armor forever and never take it off. Wanna have sex on a girl? Well ok take it off but be carful, it can be a enemy trick to take you armors.

See? Ehehe yeah you see it now huh? See how a Predators gonna take a Boba Ferts armor? It can be a trick. Maybe Boba Fetts wanna have sex on a girl sometime so he take it off. Then? A Predatorsd come and take it. Maybe even do a sex attack then too who can know it.

ADVANAGE: Even, because maybe a Predators can take Boba Fatt armors.

Ok another thing you gonna say next is 'Hey what can be a good attacks for each?'

Well, we all do know it that Boba Fetts can kick and punch, and even do a flying kicks and punches and can have a good bite attack. Maybe he can even have a good laser if he want, but yeah mainly kicks and punches are best. But? A Pedators can have it too, kicks and punches, porbally a good bite attack too, and like I say it a good sex attack.

ADVANAGE: A Predators, because sex attack is stornger than laser attack.

Next we gonna look and say 'Who will be a enemy for each and maybe attack?'

Yeah this can be a good question on it, and important to know it. Who have a stronger enemy that maybe will attack it? Boba Fetts can never like Han Soli, so he can be a best enemy for Bobas. Also Luke Skywalkers but he mainly will go on a mission to find a girl so he probally will never come. Who can be a Predators enemy? I will tell you it: Every girl. See? Any girl can come to attack and say 'Hey fucks!' on him and try to destroy him with punches. If they listen to Ricky they aim for dicks first, and if a Predators never took Boba Fetts armos? Well he will lose his dicks forever. Even if he remember to trick and take a armors, another good enemy of a Predators Chris Hansens will come to say 'Hey what you wanna do? Huh? What you can do here? Huh? Wanna have sex on a girl huh? Ok.' And then that can make a Predators shit a pants and run away forever, but then you know it, a cops will come say 'Hey yeah get on it a ground!' and a Predators can be arrester.

ADVANAGE: Boba Fetts, because of girl enemy of a Predators and also /Chris Hansen come say 'Hey what you wanna do? Huh? What you gonna do on a girl do a good fucks? Huh??' and make him shit a pants and get arrester by cops.

Ok so we have a tie for who can win it. It can be 2 for Even and 1 for a Predators and 1 for a Boba Fetts. So we gotta take a good look on it to see, who can win it? If a Predators can do a sneak sex attack when Bobas wanna have a good sex, maybe he can win it by surpriser. But if Bobas keep his armor on maybe he will win it? Ok but maybe a Predators can be so good with practice a sex attack that now he can do it through any armors. Hmm yeah I never can think about that before but it can be true. But Bobas have a good name like a Rocky Balobas, so he porbally can have best punches in it.

Ok decision: It can be a tie. Boba Fetts and a Predators maybe they will destroy each other forever, or maybe no one can hurt each other so they get tired and then say 'Hey cmon man, lets be a good friends' or something like it. And you know what? That can be good. It can never be good like a good punches or destroying a enemy with flying punches to faces, but sometime it can be good to make it a friends.

Also? If you can be friends then if you friend can ever do a bad or become a bad, then you are his friend so it can be a good sneak attacks on him to destroy him, and you will finally win it.

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  1. Holy shit; I can't breathe. You are a genius, sir.