Monday, May 14, 2012

Inspirate update!

For any peoples who can never see a Twitter @FightHardYeah or if you can miss it, maybe you never know about special Inspiorate messages. It can be a good messages I tell you about how to live and be, and of about how to fight and live or be.

So if you can ever miss any, I show you before a first 15 Inspirates here:

Now? Here can be a next 15!

Inspirate#16: You are never along! I am inside of you always. Whever you go, you will feel me in you. Forever.

Inspirate#17: If you a girl, yes you can fight too! Some girls can be good for fight, but mainly, for saying a mean thing.

Inspirate#18: If you want to love a man or a woman, you can do it! But you must kill for them too.

Inspirate#19: Special for man sex: If you dicks can never work, use a secret finger and she will never know it. If balls?? Use a basebal.

Inspirate#20: Special for womes sex: If you can never love you boyfriend dicks, look at it. It can maybe a finger or basebal.

Inspirate#21: Special for Hockeys! If yo can never score it, aim for dicks. Then? Crunch you opposents on a ground when you skate on them.

Inspirate#22: Special for beardfacers. Make any beards you can have, and use it to hide. Then? Sneak on a enemy and destroy him with puches.

Inspirate#23: You can have a big dicks or a small, it is up to you. But use it best to give it hard and a good fucks like a windrammer ok.

Inspirate#24: Remember you have 2 fists for punches. If you can have 3 ok. 3 or 5 can be best but yeah not 4 because it can be too many.

Inspirate#25: If you have eyes in you faces, you have a weapons. Look at you enemy and make him cry forever. Then? Crush him with muscles.

Ipsnirate#26: If a girl will date you enemy, smash his dicks forever. Now if she can want to fucks again, it must be you. See?

Inspirate#27: If you fight a fat, never punch on stomachs. Go for dicks first.

Inspirate#28: If you fight a skinny, yeah it can be good to cruch his bones forever, but go for dicks first.

Inspirate#29: Special for man defender: A girls can destroy you mind with just a words. Be careful on it even if she never aim you dicks.

Inspirate#30: Roats you enemy twice like a seaweed and kill you enemy dreams forever. Eat hin like a seaweeds too. 

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