Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How Do

Hellso again, I Ricky Wangstrom backs, gonna tell mores about legend story and orgigin soon, but first tell about question.

Every peoples stop me, Ricky Wangstrom, on street and look me and say 'How do??', and so I think to tell alls people of how do this blo call Fight Hard Yeah!

Any time gonna write, I think haaard, like fight hard but this time think, about what I am say and also what I am champion survival. Then, I types on a screens like this one I lookin at now, and say to my friend, Jonny Snilge, 'Ok!'

You see, Jonny is translate! Haha, you didnt know did your? I know some of engelsh langarga, but only some. Jonny, he real good to translate, he go to schooling for talk, go to schooling for speaks, go to schooling for talk, and even go to schoolsing for footwalk.

So maker sense to let Jonny do! Now I let Jonny say hello to all of you.

Here, Jonny, you types here to say hellos.

Hellooooo! Is Jonny Snilge! Haha! I translate, what you dont know?? Ever time you see Ricky talks, I help! Then after type of panther world, I say to Ricky 'Hey! Is like some kinda bulge dragon!' Hahahaaa!

Ok thanks Jonny, good to hear.

Now see? If not Jonny Snilge talents, be very harder to read wisedom of Ricky Wangstrom III and learn of fight. And if you dont learn of fight from me, then you porbsally go walk outside and die. Not good.

If ever got question? Tell. Tjhen I let you know. Ok.

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