Thursday, September 24, 2009

Befores A Aferter

Ok I get requarst for to see a befores a arfeter of how be translate, Jonny Snilge talents of how be beforer aferter. I show you last times of how do, now, I show you how be! Ok!

So farst, you see berfores, what I types on a screen. This here:

Ricky Wangstrom type: 'Sun of balls shine, all of radio comet shake earth. Shine. Shiiiiine. How of ever be be be, of be be, do ever stone ringhand. No gots, no. Of ball? Done of storm in fist, hello to wind of hair beams. Eyes. Kill Hung Bung.'

Ok? You see now, undarstand. And now I show, this farst time, see Jonny Snilge translate talents live a action! Ready?? Ok! Wards above head, translater, TRANSFORMS THAT IN A TO THAT!

Jonny Snilge translate: 'Biiiiing! Haha noodles! Of deeper calm, ocean, heartbrave, hello? Is a donkey today, is a bangbang tomrorrorrorws! Inside, see? Look a close, at bug crawl on footspeeds. Ooooohhh. 47. %+ And then blast off of head! Kill Hung Bung.'

Ha nooow you see! I tell you of bug crawl, I tell you of bangbang, I tell of balls shine and hair beams. And all clear now, thank a to Jonny Snilge!

You welcomes!

Haha there he agains! He a tricky one1!

Ok untils next time, bye bye!

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