Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Do Ultimate Fighters Show Revarl

I do. Tonight I see Ultimate Fighters show, for to fight and be champon of Ultimate Fighters show, and all figters is big, like of big strong. But some are not of big strong, some of course of like balls and fat. Some do food.

Is a big fight in episode, Jamer Mcswackey agains Wes Shivery, but first I see of all about Rampager do talk to Rasha of say 'hey don't talk of like it to me!' hahaha! Is good for anger, to have of anger, and fight of it. But them two dont fight in here this time, this time is Mcswacey and Shivels.

I see of plenty of strongs, like of beardy black strong Kimo Slice, and he says about fight. Of carse Rashakad and Rampager is of black strongs too, but biggest black strong of man is Macros Jonas, he is like of spaceship exterior, he big big. But of good? I do know we see.

See then of all style of balls, like of Full Nelson and big fat, hahaha! He is of big fat haha. And Brandie Schaubs, he is dont fight yets but maybe goods? Only thing is name of like a girl haha! I see also woman ass sometime, very quick like fast short, so I do rewinds and paurse to look good, and yeaas I see ass. :) I do. Aslo I seein of other figers but we see soon if they rael fight or no. No paorbally haha!

So thern I see of hear fight, between Mcwackeys and Shivener, and is like watch my drunks friend do fight almost but not of good. He go jump arounds, go ge tired, look like fall over, all of this style is of in this fight. Then both fighers put hands a hips like of do rhino charges, but they dont do! Is disappoitns but still I watch, then over and Mcsqwacker win of tell.

Is so so, is not like Ultimate Fighters for real but is of like maybe from YMCA? Do know, we see.

Untuils next time, I of yours, Ricky Wangstrom. I tell mores soon! For now I drink and watch a woman ass agains.



  2. ok i asswer tomrorow. now i look Hung Bung facebook and tell fuck HAHA

    Cock Posse is bitch, tell!