Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ultimates Fights? Porbally Nots Haha

Evertime I lok around or looks up, I see with eyes all of about UFC fight, or Utlimat Fight Champs. Now, mayb they is champs of like, fights girls or stuff, haha, but real fight is fight man, and fight hard.

So I thinked of about this UFCC, and wonder why is poplar of the sports maybe, in the Untited States. And maybe its cause of the bad fight of everyone, like no one else can fight good, so is the best they can do. I see other fight closer to home, a long ago time, of Mice Tyson anbd is gettin his face punched, face punched, face punched, body blowed, and face punched haha!

But nows the UFC sayin abouy fights, and how they fight. Well, no people know of fight like I do, so we can see once I watches the fights. I tell you about what I see, and let you know of about how good fight is wityh UFC. But, dont get hops up, prolbaly not very good haha.

I drunks. Haaa...I drink after think of Jinschlong Wangstrom II die of toilets, and I drink more and more.

Sleeps of the all for me now, and tell of more tomrorrow.

Actually first gonna drinks a little mores, then sleeps.

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