Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leggingdary Stroy Of The Past, More Again

Ok I back again. This time gonna go full of the force ahead, all laser beams agay, to finish up story legends. So now we continue with Legend Of Stories, in last fart of the story I was too cry of the shame to talks, but then I rememories, hey you know whats, Jinshclong II was always dicks. So let get on with its.

Anyway Hung and his Cock Posse (all gang back in home alway try to be big and tough, earn biggest name, Cock Posse earn theys, trust me, they toughest of bitch), they corner my brother in toilet room, he even on toilet when they do! Lung Schlung (he Hung's nummer one right man guy) push Jinschlong II into toilet (cop never even figure out how they fit him all in), then Wing Bingbing push the flush! Sonf of bitch!

Make madders worse, finish of off, Ling Sting, that bitch of tiger, he hig five Hung Bung and say 'Yeah!', then Hung seconding hand man, Jick, he do pisses in toilet, even if Jinschlong already long gong. Hmm? You askin what Jick last name? Jick Herman. why asks?

So longs stories sure, cop find Jinschlong Wangstrom II in sewer. Body of shits, face like a dead (cause was dead), and hand like a crow.

At funreal for Jinschlong II, I still see the day. I standing, hands of fist, shake of the bodyheart, and then I make a promises to all Wangstrom family, that one day I push the flushes on Hung Bung and whole Cock Posse crew. I shake so hard when makina promisses then, I piss my pants. Dripped into coffin, but dont worries cause nobody even seed that. All good.

I ask Jinschlong Wangstrom I that day, I saw 'Why could Jinschlong II even dead now? Why shisnt Hung Bung dyied too, or better, insdead? Like insdead of Jinschlong II?' And Jinschlong I, you know what? He say thises:

'Cause he no fight hard.'

...You see? All cumming around on you now, you see point. That day, I knew of my reals missions, to fight hard no matter when and how and who and whats and who, and always be fight hard no matter whats. And no matter who.

Then Jinschlong I saids 'Get out of room and close door', and I went to basements to starts plans.

So heres is we are, fast fowrad a little, today I start tellsing YOU, of the fight, hard, in this, blog, Fight Hard Yeah! Is gonna teach fight hard, yeah, and tells you more Leggings of me and fights legdary sotries.

Game Ong!

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