Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Story Of A Legend Story...Part Beginning Part

I telling you now about story of the tale, of why I, Ricky Wangstrom III, writing you now of Fight Hard Yeah! blogblog.

Is begin sometime a long ago when was born a chile, not a regeler child no but specialty kind. Smart. Strong. Tough. Fight. Hard. Yeah.

I growing up about all of fighting, of kicking in balls and faces too (don't forget that one too! haha! inside joke), so naturalistly I know stuffs or too of about fights. I see fight, I watch fight, I hear fight, I dream fight, I live fight, I grow fight, I live fight, I bang fight, I fight fight, I know of all fight, and tell you know.

I never was Ricky Wangstrom III forever. Sometimes a long ago I been Jinschlong Wangstrom III. Jinschlong Wangstrom I, of cource, was old man mother said to call 'Dad', but was real just her boygriend. But he was good, teach about fight (see? I even learn fight too ;) ). Jinschlong Wangstrom II was my brother...

I sadness when recalling the times of brother Wangstrom II. One day, after he skip classes for party in bathrooms downtown, he run into a problems. What is problems? Problems was Hung Bung, biggest bitch of bully ever to bullie. He always flush headfaces in toilet, fluch ass in toilet, kick balls, everything you wanna' think of a bully do, he do. Whew. Even think of it, I feel cold toilet water on face or ass...Gotta' look away for sec, think of different...Yeah, yeah like time Jinschlong (II) was tickle my asses in parade, couldn't even walk stray, wobbling of the all time cause of the asses tickles., doesn't workening. I...I gonna' leave story here for now, I comin back when a mind is good. see me like this.

I cry now.

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